[PS4/Vita RPG] Cosmic Star Heroine gets new screenshots

by Ceidz, Owner

Zeboyd Games is a small indie studio that specializes in retro J-RPGs, and they’re making great progress on their latest game. Cosmic Star Heroine, their new project, will be a 16-bit “Sci-Fi/Spy RPG” Cross-Buy release on Vita and PS4.

I’ve been very excited for this release for a long time and as soon as the original kickstarter went live, I immediately pledged to shown my support!

Zeboyd Games just released a set of new screenshots for their upcoming game, so be sure to check them out after the break!

CSH Ability Menu

Ability Menu

Cosmic Star Heroine Hack Battle

Hacking battle screenshot

CSH dialogue

Wandering on the game

CSH Jungle Battle 1

Battle screenshot

CSH Nightshade

I like the FFVI’s Zozo town vibe of this screenshot!

CSH Lab Screen

CSH Lab Tubes

CSH Nuluup

CSH Terrorists

CSH Underwater

Ship Landing


Any of you interested in this title?

If you want to learn more, you can go here: Cosmic Star Heroine FAQ.

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