Nephenthesys Trophy Guide

by EdEN, Owner

Who wants to take on a new Cross-Buy shoot ‘em up and add a pair of Platinum trophies to their collection? Check our Nephenthesys Trophy Guide!

Total time to Platinum Nephenthesys is less than an hour if you’re good with shoot ‘em ups. As long as you complete the game, you’ll have most of the trophies in the bag, with only two needing some extra time: Hunter III and Banker III.

But before that, you should learn a bit more about the game by checking out our Nephenthesys review. Don’t worry. I’ll wait.

Ready? Time to work on that Platinum trophy on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5!

Hunter I
Destroy 100 enemies

See Hunter III

Hunter II
Destroy 1,000 enemies

See Hunter III

Hunter III
Destroy 2,500 enemies

This is the one that will require you to play the game right from the start after completing it since you won’t have destroyed 2,500 enemies by the time you’ve defeated the final boss. It should pop when you’re on Stage 3 at the latest.

Banker I
Collect 5 upgrades

See Banker III

Banker II
Collect 50 upgrades

See Banker III

Banker III
Collect 125 upgrades

This is the other trophy for which you’ll have to start a new run after completing the game. You won’t be able to collect 125 upgrades in a single run, but you should see this one pop during your second run on Stage or Stage 3 at the latest.

Protector I
Beat stage 1

Protector II
Beat stage 2

Protector III
Beat stage 3

Protector IV
Beat stage 4

Protector V
Beat stage 5

Score King
Score more than 50,000 points in a single run

As long as you complete the game, you’ll also end up with this trophy. Do know that the trophy won’t pop when you reach 50,000 points, it will pop when you complete the game or get a game over by running out of credits while still reaching at least 50,000 points in total.

And once all of that has been taken care of, you’ll get the Platinum trophy!

Wing Master
Unlock all other trophies

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