Turret Rampage Trophy Guide

by EdEN, Owner

Are you ready to add a pair of Platinum trophies to your collection? Then check out our Turret Rampage trophy guide!

Total time to Platinum Turret Rampage is 15-20 minutes at most, as long as you manage to complete all main seven levels in the game in one go, so that you can complete the remaining trophies in the endless level.
But before that, you should learn a bit more about the game by checking out our Turret Rampage review.

Ready? Time to work on that pair of Platinum trophies on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5!

Baptism of Fire
Complete your first mission.

Simply finish the first level in the game.

Defender of Humanity
Complete the first 4 levels.

Finish the first 4 levels in Turret Rampage

Destroy 75 enemies with a defense mechanism that activates upon taking damage.

The mechanism will activate when you’re damaged, and it will destroy all enemies on that side of the screen. You can grind this one on any level, but it’s faster to do it in the endless level.

Enemy of Ghosts
Materialize 150 ethereal beings with [Silver Shackles].

The ethereal beings are the ones that you can defeat by hitting them with the shackles. This can easily be farmed on the endless level.

Dizzy Work I
Turn around 100 times.

See Dizzy Work III

Dizzy Work II
Turn around 200 times.

See Dizzy Work III

Dizzy Work III
Turn around 300 times.

You’ll have to turn your turret from side to side to target enemies, so you won’t need to specifically focus on working on this trophy unless you really want to speed things up. You’ll unlock it while working on the rest of the trophies.

Defective Turret
Die before you directly harm any enemies with your weapons.

Start the first level and don’t do anything. Once you’re defeated, the trophy will pop.

So Close!
Lose when the timer shows less than 5 seconds.

Simple to do in the first level. Just let your turret be damaged a couple of times so that you can then lose during the last 5 seconds on the timer.

Woodpecker’s Stunt
Complete a level after shooting the wall at least 30 times.

You’ll have to shoot at the wall on the second level of the game 30 times while also shooting at enemies so that you don’t lose.

Lure 3 enemies out of hiding with one [Earthquake].

The enemies you’re looking for are the small ones that you need to bring out by pressing the Triangle button. Just press the Triangle button so that you bring out three of these enemies at the same time.

Unbending Will
Complete a level with only 1 health left.

Do this on the first level by letting enemies damage you twice so that you can then quickly finish the level with only 1 health left.

And once you’ve done all of this, you’ll get the Platinum trophy for the game!

Turret Rampage
Unlock all other trophies.

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