Connecting your Bluetooth Headset to the PS5 or Switch with the Creative BT-W4

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We reviewed the Creative Zen Hybrid Bluetooth headset, a solid headset that you can use for working remotely or listening to music. Today, we’ll check how to connect it to your PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch using the Creative BT-W4 USB Bluetooth® 5.2 Audio Transmitter.

Creative is back with the BT-W4, which improves some aspects of the already great BT-W3. Come check it out!

Are you constantly getting disconnected out of the blue? We’re here to fix that. Following the success of its predecessor, the Creative BT-W4 is here with even more to offer.

Say goodbye to connection breakages and welcome stable, high-quality Bluetooth audio with Creative BT-W4. The Creative BT-W4 is a smart Bluetooth audio transmitter that is designed to complement the digital natives of today’s progressively wire-free world. Equipped with the latest aptX™Adaptive, Bluetooth 5.2, a convenient device-switching function, and dual voice chat options, Creative BT-W4 makes your Bluetooth experience enjoyable for entertainment, work, and more!

Did you ever want to connect your favorite Bluetooth headphones to your PlayStation console only to notice that it was not possible to wirelessly connect your device to the PlayStation since it isn’t the 3D Pulse headset? With the Creative BT-W4, you can now connect your favorite device to your Nintendo Switch or PlayStation Console!

Connecting the BT-W4 Bluetooth® 5.2 Audio Transmitter is as easy as plugging the USB-C dongle into your PlayStation 5 front USB connector. If you have a Nintendo Switch, it also works when inserting the dongle into the USB connector at the bottom; and a standard USB-A connector is also included if your device does not have a USB-C interface, as is the case for the PlayStation 4.

Once inserted, and after the led flashes, set your Bluetooth headset into pairing mode (do make sure that another device doesn’t steal the headset connection!) and press the button on the BT-W4 to pair it with your headset. In a few seconds, the audio will be paired, and your PlayStation console will already recognize the device as a “USB Headset.”

Creative BT-W4

You can press the BT-W4 button for a second to switch between up to four different connected devices, and the LED light will turn solid depending on the codec selected: blue for SBC, green for aptX, and purple for aptX adaptative.

Codecs and Range
Along with the Creative Zen Hybrid headset, I also tested the BT-W4 with my HexGears E001 headset. Both connected within seconds to the BT-W4, and the audio connection was stable without any clip. The sound quality was perfect with the ‘SBC’ codec (blue LED). The ‘HFP’ codec (red LED) is the protocol used by cellphones to connect to Bluetooth devices that enables both voice input and output a lower sound quality and is also very reliable. I also noticed that the PlayStation 5 was detecting the headset as 3D Audio ready, so this feature was enabled by default.

As for the range, I was genuinely impressed by how far I was able to get with my headset still working. Creative announces a range of 150 feet (50 meters) in line of sight, which is a huge improvement over the BT-W3, which offered up to 100ft/30m. With the device connected to my PlayStation on the second floor, I was able to reach outside of my house and almost up to the road before sound started showing that I was too far.

You can navigate to the icons menu on your PlayStation 5 and select Audio Output to select where the audio will be sent between the TV or the USB headset. There’s also a 3.5mm analog microphone included that can be connected to the PS4 DualShock controller in the audio jack to chat with your teammates. On the PS5’s DualSense, this isn’t needed because this controller already has a built-in microphone.

Creative BT-W4 Bluetooth® 5.2 Audio Transmitter Box and Content
Creative BT-W4

Creative BT-W4

Creative BT-W4

Creative BT-W4

If you’re looking to connect your favorite Bluetooth headset to your Nintendo Switch or PlayStation console, then the Creative BT-W4 is an option you should definitively consider.

You can purchase your Creative BT-W3 unit right here (MSRP $??.99).

This Creative BT-W4 Bluetooth 5.2 USB device is based on an article provided by Creative.

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