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Paperbound Releasing on PS4 on March 31st

Paperbound Releasing on PS4 on March 31st
EdEN, Owner
  • On March 16, 2015

Indie studio Dissident Logic got in touch to update us on the release date for Paperbound on the PlayStation 4. The studio has finally been able to lock a solid date for the game: March 31st!

Paperbound is a smash-up brawler that combines platforming, twitchy combat, and gravity redirection in a competitive couch multiplayer setting. Between one and four players (with AI bots added in the mix) run with scissors, walk on walls, and lob ink bombs in whimsical-yet-intense battles within the pages of old books. In addition to the 360 degrees of gravitational freedom, several other twists add to the tension and drama of a match, such as the “escape through the page tear” victory mechanic which brings a second phase to the combat and causes players to momentarily team up with their adversaries.

We’re working on a review for Paperbound, so be sure to stick around at!

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