[PS4/Vita RPG] Cosmic Star Heroine gets new details

by Ceidz, Owner

Zeboyd Games is a small independent studio that specializes in retro J-RPGs, and their latest game is nearing completion. Cosmic Star Heroine, their new project, will be a 16-bit “Sci-Fi/Spy RPG” Cross-Buy release on Vita and PS4, as well as being available on PC/Mac.

They decided to make available a huge 30-minute long gameplay demo using the build that was showcased at the recent Playstation Experience event, and from what I saw, I’ll love the gameplay!

Alpha version gameplay – Cosmic Star Heroine (Playstation Experience Demo)

I’ve been excited for this project since I heard about the Kickstarter campaign over a year ago, and originally pledged to get a PSN copy. Unfortunately, the expected release date of December 2014 will not be met, and we’ve been told in a recent FAQ that they held on their Kickstarter site, that the release will be:

In 2015 when it’s good & done and when it’s been approved by all platform holders.

Any of you interested/hyped in this title? I can’t wait for its release!

More details can be found here: Cosmic Star Heroine FAQ.

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