How console games are the next natural step for online casinos

by Palabar

The iGaming industry is one of the most rapidly developing segments in the world, with a number of big brands contributing innovative features to its realm.

With some recent still relatively recent revolutions such as virtual reality and augmented reality casinos, in addition to mobile-based games, one aspect that’s been slower to progress is console gaming. Given the increasing popularity of online gaming, perhaps console game gambling is the next in line for online casinos, considering we’re experiencing the launch of a new console generation!

Demand for Online Casino Games

There’s hardly a month in which a new casino doesn’t pop up online, which indicates there’s a huge demand for slots and table games – something that has increased even more during the pandemic. With every reputed casino site, like JackpotCity online casino, embedded with 200+ slots and a wide range of table games, these games come from software developers from all across the globe. Irrespective of whether the console video game developers take a cue from the increasing popularity of online casino games or not, it can’t be denied that online casinos continue to influence the gaming market around the world.

How are Consoles significant for Online Gambling?

As a player, you can enjoy the latest online casino games on a laptop, mobile phone, or desktop, wherein, conventionally, players are allowed to play without paying for a game – all directly through a browser. This makes playing casino games convenient while being on the move. However, while these traditional modes of casino games have their pros and have been excelling at their gameplay features and graphics, they still lag behind what new standalone home consoles can offer.

With a much more sophisticated experience, captivating graphics, and excellent sound design, as well as the new elements presented by the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller, this can lead towards improved, better casino experiences, and also provide a premium quality display as consoles are optimized for high-resolution screens with a 4K display.

The Gamification Race

With more software companies and casinos working on casino games with features that replicate video gaming – as opposed to gambling – one of the biggest trends in the world of iGaming is gamification. Said games are a hot favorite with players as they come with a skill element for casino games, making them more immersive. You can expect a console game to perform better than an online casino game.

F2P Options

It’s been done before

Wagering on online consoles certainly isn’t a new concept. In 1991, Nintendo attempted to bring gambling to American homes and even tied up with the State of Minnesota to allow players to try their hand at lottery games! Launched as a trial in about 10,000 houses, not only did the company provide free modems to all players, but the State too offered free NES consoles to those that didn’t have one. For a small sum of $10, players could procure a cartridge that allowed them to take on lottery gaming for a month – even those with mega jackpots! Similarly, there are VGMs – video game gambling machines – that allow players to compete with each other for financial rewards.

Video Gaming – a step ahead

While the online casino industry continues to face backlash and regulatory inspections, the video gaming industry has found multiple ways to sidestep these challenges. Gaming companies are in a better state to welcome casino concepts than the other way around. As online gambling continues to grab the attention of console gaming developers, players can expect more wagering features to be incorporated into console games. With a wide array of technological advancements, there’s absolutely no reason why consoles cannot offer an exciting gaming experience for online casino players with high-quality graphics, creative narratives, great and improved control, and gameplay mechanics, as well as higher pay-outs.

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