MMO-Inspired Boss Rush Game TrinityS Out Tomorrow

by EdEN, Owner

Phoenixx and Indie-us Game are getting ready for tomorrow’s launch of MMO-inspired Boss Rush game TrinityS on PlayStation. Come check it out!

TrintyS highlights the best parts of MMO endgame content by skipping the repetitive grind for levels or gear.
Get straight to the action with well-designed boss encounters that will test players’ timing, skills, and coordination.

Up to three players can challenge a variety of formidable bosses, each with its own unique fight mechanics and attacks.
In this game, where movement and positioning are crucial, a momentary error in judgment can be fatal.
Dive right into the excitement of MMO endgame content with your friends.

Trinity is the Magic Number!

TrinityS Review - 1

TrinityS Review - 2

TrinityS Review - 3

TrinityS Review - 4

TrinityS Review - 5

TrinityS Review - Map

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