The Persistence Coming To PS VR

by EdEN, Owner

Firesprite, a developer based in Liverpool, is working on a first-person horror experience for PlayStation VR. Every time you play you’ll have a new experience since the game’s location is procedurally generated, so no two runs will ever be the same!

The Persistence - 1

Sid Shuman, Director for SIEA Social Media, had this to say:

The setup is simple but fun. You’ll play onboard The Persistence, a research vessel sent to study a collapsing star. When an experiment triggers a catastrophic failure, the ship’s computer attempts to save the day by reconstructing the deceased crewmembers. Unfortunately, it also introduces hideous errors in the process, transforming them into gibbering mutants. Oops!

Playing as a crewmember awoken from cryosleep, you’ll navigate the doomed ship, try to get the engines back online, and escape the ravenous clutches of the nearby black hole.

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