Double Dragon IV Available On PlayStation 4

by EdEN, Owner

If you’ve been looking for a game to scratch that beat ’em up itch? Then you’re going to love what Arc System Works has in store for you! How does Double Dragon IV, a new entry in the long-running and beloved franchise sound?

Available on PS4, this game is the work of key team members who worked on the 1987 arcade version! This includes Original Planner, Yoshihisa Kishimoto, Designer, Koji Ogata, and Composer, Kazunaka Yamane. As you can see from the trailer below, the game is using the look and feel of the NES version of Double Dragon 2 as the foundation for this new game, which is certainly an interesting choice!

Check out the game’s trailer below and click after the break for some new information on the game – as well as for a gallery of new screenshots!

According to the official timeline, the story for the Double Dragon games goes as follows: Double Dragon, Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones, Double Dragon II and Double Dragon IV. This is probably why the team felt that following the look for Double Dragon II was very important.

Double Dragon IV - 1

The game allows you to play as either Billy or Jimmy Lee, but once you complete the game you’ll get a chance to unlock other characters. Two Player duel is also back, and you’ll get to play as several enemies in the game along with the main heroes! There’s also a tower mode that will test your skills to see how high you can climb in the tower.

Double Dragon IV - Duel

We’re definitely looking forward to playing this one, and if all goes according to plan we should have a review ready for you soon, so be sure to stick around at!

Double Dragon IV - Tower

Double Dragon IV - 2

Double Dragon IV - 3

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