Discolored Out Today On Nintendo Switch

by EdEN, Owner

Discolored from Jason Godbye is ready to go on Nintendo Switch. Come check it out!

Locals whisper of a roadside diner that’s lost its color. You are sent to investigate.
Discolored is a strange and surreal puzzle adventure, taking place over two-or-so hours in a single desolate location. Your mission: restore the color to this once-vibrant world. What caused the colors to disappear? How can they be brought back? As you explore, you’ll solve an array of inventive puzzles and uncover a selection of clues – leading you to discover the deeper secrets of this strange place at the end of an abandoned highway.

Discolored Features:

First-person exploration fused with intricate and inventive puzzle-solving
A single environment that changes and expands as you play
A striking, pared-back aesthetic, with a beautiful haunting soundtrack
Designed to be experienced in a single sitting – playable in two-or-so hours

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