[PlayStation 4] Jump King Review

by EdEN, Owner

Jump King from UKIYO Publishing and Nexile is a 2D challenging tactical leaping adventure on PS4. Learn more in our Jump King review!

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In Jump King from UKIYO Publishing and Nexile, you will take on a 2D tactical leaping adventure in which you must guide your character to the top in your search for the legendary Smoking Hot Babe. Can you do everything it takes to make every single jump count as you charge upwards and try to avoid falling? As the game’s name suggests, there’s going to be a lot of jumping in this 2D game in which there are only two ways for your character to go: up or down. Going way up is the way to go because a single mistake can have you falling all the way down to the ground.

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The game’s controls are very easy to understand since jumping is the key component of the whole game. You will be jumping with the X button, and you can jump at different heights depending on how long you press and hold down the X button. Along with the height at which you’re going to make a jump, you also need to press left or right on the left analog stick to select in which direction you’ll be sending your character. A solid mix of both elements is a must since the whole game features a ton of tricky jumps.

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There are many trophies for you to unlock for Jump King, and once you’ve made all of them pop, you will have a new Platinum trophy for your collection! The objectives you’ll have to complete include jumping thousands of times, falling thousands of times, talking to many an NPC several times, completing the game many times while wearing different accessories, finding some secrets here and there, purchasing or acquiring a variety of items, and completing the free bonus DLC modes included with the game, to name some examples.

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Jump King is a game that is certainly in the “love it or hate it” category. It has simple gameplay mechanics with a complex in-game implementation that will challenge players every step of the way, and what feels like a quite addictive gameplay loop, challenging you to just complete one more jump before you stop playing. But, on the other hand, the “always-on” hardcore challenge is going to scare away those who don’t have much patience for this type of game. Jump King is out now on PlayStation 4 for $12.99

This Jump King review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by UKIYO Publishing.

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