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[ Interview] Marco Guardia On Octahedron: Transfixed Edition

February 3, 2020 |

Octahedron: Transfixed Edition is getting a physical release from Super Rare Games, so I got in touch with Marco Guardia to talk a bit about the game. Come check it out!

PS4Blog: Welcome! Thank you for joining us. Could you please help us get this going by telling our readers a bit about yourself and your work?

Hi. I’m Marco, I’m a game developer, musician and sound engineer from Switzerland, and the creator of Octahedron. You can find out about all the other things I’ve worked on by clicking here.

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[E3 2019] DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age Out This September

June 11, 2019 |

The wait for Dragon Quest XI S for Nintendo Switch is almost over! We’ve now learned that the highly anticipated game will be releasing on September 27, 2019!

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[E3 2019] Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Hitting Consoles

June 10, 2019 |

The game you’ve all been waiting for has finally been revealed! Square Enix has revealed that Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is hitting PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Come check it out!

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[E3 2019] Romancing SaGa Extravaganza Hitting The West

June 10, 2019 |

Square Enix has announced not one but TWO Saga games that will be hitting the west. Learn more about them!

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[E3 2019] Final Fantasy VII Remake – New Trailer

June 10, 2019 |

Square Enix has given us a new look at the Final Fantasy VII Remake, which will be releasing in episodes, starting with the first one on March 3, 2020. Come check it out!

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January 24, 2019 |

KINGDOM HEARTS III is finally releasing on PlayStation 4 next week. Are you ready for it? Come check out some new screens!

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