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[Beyond PlayStation] Assault Android Cactus+ Review

March 22, 2019 |

Assault Android Cactus+ is now out on Nintendo Switch! Learn more about this fast-paced twin-stick action shooter in our Assault Android Cactus+ review!

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[ Interview] Witch Beam On Assault Android Cactus+

March 21, 2019 |

We’re doing a review for Assault Android Cactus+ on Nintendo Switch, so I got in touch with Witch Beam to talk about the game’s development. Come check it out!

PS4Blog: Good afternoon! Thank you for joining us for this interview. Could you please help us get started by telling our readers a bit about yourself and your work?

Hi there, I’m Sanatana Mishra and I’ve been designing games professionally for over a decade now with a history at Sega Australia, a few years back I decided to risk literally everything in my life and start an indie team called Witch Beam with two good friends, Assault Android Cactus is our first indie game and the + edition for Nintendo Switch is its final form!

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[PS4 Action Review] Assault Android Cactus

March 29, 2016 |

Assault Android Cactus is a fast paced frantic arcade twin-stick shooter. I have, to be honest: I wasn’t a big fan of twin-stick shooters, but Assault Android Cactus has definitely won me over! Assault Android Cactus is one of those kinds of games that takes you by surprise, and I was very happy after playing it for a while for this review!

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