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[PlayStation 4] Walden, A Game Review

June 14, 2018 |

Walden, a game from USC Games is certainly a different type of game that stands out from everything else on PlayStation 4. Find out why in our Walden, a game review!

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[ Interview] USC Games On Walden, A Game

May 16, 2018 |

We’re currently working on a review for Walden, A Game, so I got in touch with USC Games to talk about the game’s development and the port for its PlayStation 4 release.

PS4Blog: Hi! Thank you for joining us this morning. Could you please introduce yourself to our readers and tell them a bit about yourself and your work?

Hi, I’m Tracy Fullerton, a game designer, and professor at USC Games, and I’m most interested in creating experimental games that take on unusual challenges in design, for example, translating Thoreau’s book Walden into an open world game. Before working on Walden, I also worked with the media artist Bill Viola on one of the earliest art games, The Night Journey. That game has been on exhibit all around the world and is also coming to PS4 soon!

As a professor, I also like to challenge my students to create unique games, and those who have come out of my classes have gone on to create console games like Journey, flOw, and Flower (Jenova Chen, Kellee Santiago), as well as mobile games like Threes (Asher Vollmer), and VR studios like Survios (Nate Burba, James Iliff), and many more. I love seeing these kinds of innovations — whether I’m designing them myself or helping others to do so.

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Walden, A Game, Now Available For PlayStation 4

May 15, 2018 |

USC Games has released Walden, a game, on PlayStation 4, a video game experience based on Henry David Thoreau’s book. Come learn more about this open world release!

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