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[ Interview] Turtle Sandbox On Cannon Brawl

November 1, 2016 | | One Comment

Tracey had a lot of fun with Cannon Brawl when she reviewed the game, so I got in touch with Turtle Sandbox to talk about the game’s development and release on the PlayStation 4.

PS4Blog: Welcome to! Thank you for joining us today. Can you please get us started by telling our audience a bit about who you are and what your role is?

I’m Peter Angstadt, I did coding and game design on Cannon Brawl.

PS4B: Cannon Brawl, a very fun game, is now on PlayStation 4. How would you describe the game to our readers?

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[PS4] Cannon Brawl Review

September 21, 2016 |

Have you played any of Team17’s Worms games? I have, and they are absolute brilliant fun and full of comedy. The developers obviously thin the same and have paid homage to the series with Cannon Brawl, a very entertaining release now on PS4. Read our Cannon Brawl review to see why we can’t stop playing this game!

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