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[Beyond PlayStation] Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story Review

February 15, 2019 |

Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story is the sequel from Accidental Queens which is available on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about this visual novel style game in our Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story review!

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[Beyond PlayStation] A Normal Lost Phone Review

February 13, 2019 |

A Normal Lost Phone from Accidental Queens, Seaven Studio and Playdius is a different type of visual novel on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our A Normal Lost Phone review!

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[PS4] Away: Journey To The Unexpected Review

February 5, 2019 |

Away: Journey to the Unexpected is a very interesting first-person relaxing adventure on PS4 you should check out. Learn more in our Away: Journey to the Unexpected review!

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[PlayStation 4] Strikers Edge Review

April 25, 2018 |

Striker’s Edge is a pixeltastic versus action game from Fun Punch Games and Playdius that you should definitely check out on PlayStation 4. Learn more about this one in our Striker’s Edge review!

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[PlayStation 4] Pankapu Review

October 19, 2017 |

Pankapu from Too Kind Studios and Playdius is a fun platformer on PS4 you should try. Come check out our Pankapu review to see why!

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[ Interview] Splashteam On Splasher

October 3, 2017 |

We’re currently playing Splasher for our review, so we got in touch with Splashteam to talk about the game’s development for PlayStation 4.

PS4Blog: Morning! Thank you for joining us at Would you mind introducing yourself to our readers?

I’m Romain Claude, leader of Splashteam. I co-created Splasher with a 2D artist friend Richard Vatinel, aka “Gromy.” I designed the game and programmed it, while Richard made all the graphics. Before Splasher, I’ve worked mostly as a designer for Ubisoft on games like Rayman Legends, Rayman Origins and Rabbids Go Home earlier.

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