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[PS4 Review] Tetrobot and Co.

April 22, 2016 |

Tetrobot and Co. from developer Swing Swing Submarine and publisher Neko Entertainment is an amazing and very fun puzzle game that will keep you hooked for hours- I had an absolute blast playing and here is why. You play as a small white robot called Psychobot, assistant to Maya, its creator. Your job is to help her repair damaged Tetrobots. The levels are full of puzzles to figure out, and each chapter gives you a new Tetrobot to repair. Sound good? Trust me you will absolutely love this cute lighthearted puzzler!

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[PS4 Review] Tetrobot & Co.

March 21, 2016 |

The world’s Tetrobots are broken, and you need to help repair them. Are you up to the task and ready to take control of the tiny Psychobot in order to help restore each one to its former glory?

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[PS4 Review] REPLAY: VHS is not dead

March 10, 2016 |

Get sucked into the world of some of your favorite movie genres and fix the tapes so you can return them to the rental store. Isn’t that an epic story for a video game? Then come right in to read about REPLAY: VHS is not dead!

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[Vita Review] NekoBuro – Cats Block

August 3, 2015 |

NekoBuro – Cats Block is a pretty fun match-three puzzle release in which your play blocks are actually alien cats (“neko” stands for cat in Japanese!). Read below to find out what we thought of the game.

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[PS4 Review] Puddle

July 8, 2014 | | 5 Comments

After a release on the PS3 and Vita, Puddle, a physics-based puzzler makes it way to the PS4, with cross-buy no less.

Dive into Puddle™, a physics game unlike any other where you have to guide a puddle of … Read More