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[Beyond PlayStation] Wingspan Review

January 4, 2021 |

Wingspan from Monster Couch is a new board game release brought to Nintendo Switch as a very fun digital adaptation. Learn more in our Wingspan review!

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Wingspan Out Today

December 29, 2020 |

Relaxing strategy board Wingspan from Monster Couch is ready to go on Nintendo Switch. Come check it out!

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Wingspan Out Next Week

December 22, 2020 |

Relaxing strategy board game Wingspan from Monster Couch is ready for it’s Nintendo Switch launch on December 29. Come check it out!

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[Beyond PlayStation] Steamburg Review

January 2, 2019 |

Steamburg from Telehorse and Monster Couch is an interesting puzzle action adventure worth your time on Nintendo Switch. Find out why in our Steamburg review!

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[PS4] Die For Valhalla! Review

July 26, 2018 |

Die for Valhalla! is a 2D beat ‘em up with some RPG elements. Learn more about it in our Die for Valhalla! review!

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[ Interview] Monster Couch On Die For Valhalla!

June 1, 2018 |

We’re currently working on a review for Die For Valhalla!, so I got in touch with Monster Couch to talk about the game’s development and its Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 release.

PS4Blog: Welcome to! Could you please tell our readers a bit about yourself and your work?

Hi there! I’m Krzysiek (Chris), one of the 4 people behind the recently released Die for Valhalla! In small team you get to wear many hats, so mine are mostly coding sprinkled with business, marketing and PR stuff. 🙂

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