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[E3 2021] Kitsune Tails On Its Way To Nintendo Switch

June 14, 2021 |

2D colorful platformer Kitsune Tails from MidBoss and Ratalaika Games will be releasing on Nintendo Switch in early 2022. Come check it out!

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[FREE Game] 2064: Read Only Memories GIVEAWAY (PlayStation Vita – US PSN)

February 22, 2018 |

the_nmac reviewed 2064: Read Only Memories on PlayStation Vita, a visual novel, from MidBoss. We’ve also interviewed the developer right here!

We gave it a 9 out of 10, and quoted it a “great cyberpunk visual novel“!

Here’s an excerpt of our review:

This game really spoke to me and hit all the right chords. I love retro art and adventure games with cool stories, and the multiple endings were a nice twist, everything is working for me here. I feel like it’s a love letter from my past being channeled through a cybernetic email from the future and becoming a neat sentient package

Now’s YOUR time to win a FREE US PSN copy of 2064: Read Only Memories on the PlayStation Vita!

The giveaway ends on March 12th, 2018 at midnight (PST).

Good luck!

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[PS4 Double Review] 2064: Read Only Memories Review

January 17, 2017 |

2064: Read Only Memories (ROM for short) is an 8-bits point and click adventure game that releases today on the PlayStation 4. This port of the beloved PC release has been in development for a while, and now the wait is finally over! Is the PlayStation 4 version the definitive release? Is this the right game for you? Come read our 2064: Read Only Memories review to find out!

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[ Interview] MidBoss On 2064: Read Only Memories

January 2, 2017 | | One Comment

With 2064: Read Only Memories releasing on PlayStation 4 in a couple of weeks we got in touch with Matt Conn from MidBoss to catch up on the game. Hi Matt! Good to have you back with us at How have you been?

Things have been super busy! Working on the console release has been quite an experience and honestly a great opportunity for us. This is really the sort of thing that you have to do to fully understand. Aside from that, I’ve been making fairly regular trips to a lovely place called Japan to meet with and spend time with some wonderful people out there.

2064: Read Only Memories - 4

PS4B: We’re currently playing 2064: Read Only Memories on PS4 for review, and that means the game is really coming to Sony’s home console on January 17, 2017! Last time we talked about the potential for cross-buy between the PS4 and Vita versions of the game. Has that been finalized yet?

It’s true! The game is real and on that console! We were really hoping that pushing back the date would let us launch on PS4 and PSvita together, but we are still running into issues with getting it to work properly on Vita. Fans have been very patient, and since the content is done, we wanted to release first on PS4 and PC and get it into people’s hands. Sony’s been super helpful and generous with us, and they’re gonna help us do whatever we can that’s best for the players. Most of us on the team are actually big Vita people, so we want a Vita release just as much as everyone else does and we hope we’ll have something to announce soon, as well as potentially supporting a cross-buy!

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Interview with MidBoss – Read Only Memories (ROM)

February 5, 2016 |

Read Only Memories is making its way to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, and that means now is the perfect time to get in touch with MidBoss to talk about the game and it’s move to Sony platforms.

Hi! Thanks for doing this interview. Could you please do us a favor and present yourself to our readers?

My name is Matt Conn and I’m the CEO of MidBoss, and the executive producer for Read Only Memories.

After a very Kickstarter campaign, Read Only Memories (ROM) managed to make it to Windows, Mac and Linux. How would you describe the game to someone who has never heard about or seen Read Only Memories?

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