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[PlayStation Vita] Battle Rockets Review

April 9, 2020 |

Battle Rockets from Gumbo Machine is a new PlayStation Vita single-player, and multiplayer fighting shoot ‘em up. Learn more in our Battle Rockets review!

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[ Interview] Gumbo Machine On Battle Rockets

April 3, 2020 |

We’ll be working on a review for Battle Rockets, so I got in touch with Gumbo Machine to talk a bit about this PS Vita release. Come check it out!

PS4Blog: Welcome to! Could you please introduce yourself to our readers and tell them a bit about yourself and your work?

Greetings! This is Benjamin Kapferer…that’s pronounced with one “er,” by the way. I’m the founder, CEO, and head developer of Gumbo Machine, LLC. Based in Amherst, Ohio, Gumbo Machine contracts people from all over the world, thanks to a little something we call “The Information Super-Highway.”

To be honest, this is actually our first foray into game development.
Considering the warm welcome provided by the PS Vita player base, along with my own experience on the platform, developing Battle Rockets for PS Vita was a no-brainer!

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