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[Beyond PlayStation] LongStory Review

December 12, 2018 |

LongStory by Bloom Digital Media is now available on the Nintendo Switch! Learn more about this visual novel dating sim title in our LongStory review!

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[ Interview] Bloom Digital Media On LongStory

December 11, 2018 |

We’re currently working on a review for LongStory, so I got in touch with Bloom Digital Media to talk about the game’s development for its Nintendo Switch release. Come check it out!

PS4Blog: Good afternoon! Welcome to Can you please help us get this interview going by telling our readers a bit about yourself and your work?

Thanks for talking with us! Bloom Digital Media is an independent game studio that was founded in 2012. We create narrative-driven games featuring authentic characters in the midst of pivotal moments and life-changing stories.

Bloom Digital Media was founded in November 2012, as a digital services company primarily focused on creating digital media experiences for children and youth with a focus on health, and mental improvement through games and gamified experiences.

It was founded by Miriam Verburg, a game designer and interactive producer with over 15 years of experience working on digital projects with non-profits, cultural organizations, and broadcasters. Since its founding, the company has been privileged to work with a variety of kids media and health-sector organizations to create a diverse suite of products, from web quizzes to hackathons.

In 2012, at a hackathon devoted to kick-starting health improvement technologies called Hacking Health, company founder Miriam Verburg pitched the idea of a game designed to help young people develop healthy relationships. From this event, a mobile choose-your-own-romance game called LongStory was born. The game was in development for a year and a half before Episode 1 was launched at SXSW in March 2013.

LongStory has been downloaded over 1 million times on Android and IOS. It enjoys a strong fan community and has a four-star rating on both app stores. The game offers players a safe space to learn about dating and consent through interactive fiction.

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