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JYDGE Coming To PlayStation 4 On October 3rd

September 13, 2017 |

10tons got in touch with us to announce they’ll be releasing JYDGE on PlayStation 4 next month. The studio is offering a 20% pre-order discount and more!

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Time Recoil Out Tomorrow On PlayStation 4

September 11, 2017 |

Time Recoil from 10tons is making its way to PlayStation 4 tomorrow. Come check some new info and screens for this prequel to Neon Chrome!

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[PS4 Puzzle Action Review] Sparkle Unleashed

April 26, 2016 |

I Love 10tons. They have regularly been putting some great games on PSN over the last couple of years now. I’d definitely recommend downloading some of their very fun titles – such as Tennis In The Face – and you should also definitely get Sparkle Unleashed, a very easy “pick-up and play” type of game.

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New Shoot ‘Em Up Xenoraid Coming To PS4

March 4, 2016 |

Are you a fan of vertical scrolling shoot ’em up releases? Then you’re going to be very happy to learn that 10tons is working on a new one for PS4 and PS Vita! Xenoraid is very much not a bullet-hell game, and it aims to innovate here and there in a beloved genre.

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[PS4 Review] Baseball Riot Review

January 29, 2016 |

Imagine this if you will: Angry Birds and Peggle are in a bar getting drunk and talking about Baseball. The conversation starts to get a little more interesting, so they decide to get a room to talk some more. Nine months later, Baseball Riot is born.

10tons brings the sequel to its 2013 release “Tennis in the Face” and if you’ve played that game then you know everything there is to know about Baseball Riot. My review is based on a PS4/Vita playthrough.

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