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[ Interview] Crema On Immortal Redneck

February 6, 2017 |

Indie Spanish studio Crema is currently working on Immortal Redneck for a PS4 release. We got in touch with the team to talk about the game’s development and it’s 2017 release for Sony’s home console.

PS4Blog: Welcome to, good to have you with us. Could you please get us started by introducing yourself to our readers and telling them a bit about your role at Crema?

Thanks! I’m Guillermo Andrades, Creative Director at Crema. I’m in charge of the production of Immortal Redneck and making sure everything added to the game makes sense.

PS4Blog: We got a chance to see the new trailer for Immortal Redneck, a game you’re working on for a PlayStation 4 release. What can you tell us about this game?

Immortal Redneck is a First Person Shooter set in Egypt with rogue-lite mechanics. The game revolves around a redneck tourist who wakes up mummified in ancient Egypt after an accident.

We’re trying to mix everything we love in videogames: frantic gameplay from old-school FPS, variety and replay value from modern Rogue-lites and a bit of humour and stupidity.

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Immortal Redneck Is Coming To PlayStation 4

January 28, 2017 |

Indie team Crema got in touch with us to share the trailer for Immortal Redneck, a new game they’re bringing to the PlayStation 4 later this year.

Come check out the video and read some new info and screens for the game!

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