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Gone Home

[Review Revisited] Gone Home: Console Edition

October 9, 2016 |

Gone Home: Console Edition is part of what we have now started to call the “walking simulator” genre – basically the full 3D evolution of a point-and-click game. You’re back home after being on vacation for a year, and as you get return you’re expecting to see your family… but the house is empty. Where could everyone be?

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Gone Home is Coming To PlayStation 4 On January 12th!

December 14, 2015 |

Gone Home is a unique exploration experience that has been available on the Steam Platform with great reviews from both media and players, and it will now get a chance to shine on the PlayStation 4 early next year on January 12th to be exact!

A few of my friends told me that I had to play this game, but since I don’t play on my computer very much I haven’t tried it yet. As far as I know, this game is weird but has to be played to its conclusion to be fully enjoyed! Check after the break for the game’s trailer to learn more.

I do hope I get a chance to review this game next year!

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