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Full Throttle Remastered |

[Review Revisited] Full Throttle Remastered

May 27, 2018 |

Your motorcycle gang has been arrested and you have been framed for the murder of the owner of your favorite motorcycle company. Can you solve the mystery of whodunit, clear your name, and get your gang out of jail? Check out our review revisited of Full Throttle Remastered.

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[PS4] Full Throttle Remastered Review

May 10, 2017 |

Full Throttle Remastered from Double Fine is an HD remake of the beloved classic. The game is now available on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita with a new control scheme as well as considerable improvements to the game’s graphics and sound. Are you ready to walk down memory lane? Then come read our Full Throttle Remastered review!

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Full Throttle Remastered Now On PS4 And Vita

April 20, 2017 |

Full Throttle Remastered is now available on PlayStation 4 and we have its launch trailer for you! It’s been a long time since its original release back on April of 1995, and this new version features completely redrawn art to take it into the HD era in style! The presentation has also been changed from 4:3 to 16:4, not to mention the original voice sessions were recovered and cleaned up for a crisper sound!

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Play Collective – Six Games Launching With PS Plus Discounts

March 15, 2017 |

Sony has announced six games that will be part of the Play Collective. All six games will be available with a 20% discount for PS+ subscribers if you pre-order them!

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