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Aliens Vs. Pinball

[PS4] Aliens vs. Pinball – Aliens vs. Predator Pinball Review

July 8, 2016 |

After reviewing two pinball tables in the Aliens vs. Pinball table pack, it is now time to play the third and final table in this pack. Come check out our Aliens vs. Predator Pinball review!

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[PS4] Aliens vs. Pinball – Alien: Isolation Pinball Review

July 6, 2016 |

After doing a review for the Aliens Pinball table, it is now time to dive into the Alien: Isolation pinball table. I loved the PlayStation 4 game from which this table takes its inspiration, so I was definitely more than ready to write this Alien: Isolation Pinball review!

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[PS4] Aliens vs. Pinball – Aliens Review

July 4, 2016 |

Zen Studios is back with another triple pack of Pinball tables to add to your already large collection. Several of them are based on licenses of well-known franchises such as Star Wars or Plants vs. Zombies, and now the team has turned its attention to another well-known franchise: Aliens! I bet you all have seen at least one movie in the series, right? I have seen them all multiple times (I even own the boxset!) so I was definitely ready for this pinball pack. I’ll be splitting my Aliens vs. Pinball review into three parts so that each table can get a chance to shine. First up, we have the Aliens Pinball review!

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Out This Month – Aliens Vs. Pinball!

April 18, 2016 |

Zen Studios has announced that they’ve teamed up with Fox Digital Entertainment in order to release a very cool pinball table pack: Aliens Vs. Pinball! This very interesting three table pinball pack will be released on April 26, and we’re very much counting down the days to its release so we can play the cool tables you can check out on the video below.

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