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PS Vita | - Part 2

[ Interview] Gumbo Machine On Ultra Mission

July 5, 2021 |

We’ll be working for a review for Ultra Mission, so I got in touch with Gumbo Machine to talk a bit about this PS Vita game. Come check it out!

PS4Blog: Hi! Thank you for joining us today. How are you doing?}

I’m doing a lot better now that our work on Ultra Mission is pretty much complete. The incoming deadline made me quite nervous, as we finished up the game and prepared it for submission. I do hope players enjoy our work!

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[PS Vita] Astro Aqua Kitty Review

May 7, 2021 |

Action-packed spin-off Astro Aqua Kitty from Tikipod is ready for you on PlayStation Vita. Check out our Astro Aqua Kitty review!

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[ Interview] Tikipod on Astro Aqua Kitty

May 3, 2021 |

We’ll be working on a review for Astro Aqua Kitty on PS Vita, so I got in touch with Dugan Jackson from Tikipod to talk a bit about the game and its development. Come check it out!

PS4Blog: Good morning! Thank you for joining us today. Good to have you back with us. How are you doing?

Doing well, thanks! Very happy to have our game out in the wild and seeing all the positive feedback from folks playing it.

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[PlayStation 4] Habroxia 2 Review

February 3, 2021 |

Shoot ‘em up sequel Habroxia 2 from Lillymo Games is reporting for duty on PlayStation 4. Learn more about it in our Habroxia 2 review!

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Habroxia 2 Out Tomorrow On PS4, PS Vita, And Nintendo Switch

February 2, 2021 |

The wait is almost over! Lillymo Games and eastasiasoft are ready for tomorrow’s release of Habroxia 2 on PS4, PS Vita and Nintendo Switch. Come check it out!

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[ Interview] Lillymo Games On Habroxia 2

February 1, 2021 |

We’ll be working on a review for Habroxia 2, so I got in touch with Lillymo Games to talk a bit about the game. Come check it out!

PS4Blog: Hi! Good morning to all. Could you please help us get this going by introducing yourselves to our readers?

Barry: Hello, I’m Barry M. Johnson. I do the programming and game design at Lillymo Games. We are a small indie studio based in Guelph, Ontario, that I run alongside our Chief Creative Officer Colin Moriarty. Joining me for the interview is Wayne and Anthony, who are responsible for the art and music for Habroxia 2.

Anthony: Hi! I’m HangOnGetReady or Anthony Swinnich. I’ve done sound and game design across several projects, including Shutshimi: Seriously Swole, Dog Gone Golfing, and Super Bernie World, as well as the still-in-development JUNKPUNCHER.

Wayne: I’m Wayne Kubiak, an artist and game designer that specializes in pixel art. I’ve been in the games industry since about 2012, working with various folks, and I’m also co-owner of Neon Deity Games. I worked with Barry on Habroxia 1, and we liked working together…so here we are!

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