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Nathan has been posting news and writing reviews since 2013. He's used to doing a ton of gaming since he has owned a lot of gaming consoles and handhelds, from the original NES to every PlayStation consoles, and he even owns a Dreamcast! While he's a fan of most game genres, he particularly loves playing JRPG, point and click adventure games and platformers.

Posts By the_nmac

[PlayStation 4] Exit the Gungeon Review

December 2, 2020 |

It’s time to pack up and leave the Gungeon. I know we spent a ton of time trying to enter it, but it’s time to go… check out our Exit The Gungeon review!

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[PlayStation 5] Sackboy: A Big Adventure Review

November 24, 2020 |

Check your sack at the door because Craftworld needs you to save it. Help Sackboy rescue the other Sackfolk from the evil Vex and restore Craftworld back to what it used to be. Check out our Sackboy: A Big Adventure review!

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[PlayStation 5] Warhammer: Chaosbane – Slayer Edition Review

November 19, 2020 |

Stop hordes of demons from destroying everything in action RPG hack and slash Warhammer: Chaosbane on PS5. Check out our Warhammer: Chaosbane – Slayer Edition review!

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[PlayStation 4] Hunting Simulator 2 Review

November 13, 2020 |

Hunt in the serine wilderness in Hunting Simulator 2! Check out our Hunting Simulator 2 review!

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[Beyond PlayStation] Pixel Puzzle Makeout League Review

November 9, 2020 |

Romance your fellow superheroes while completing Picross puzzles, as only you can do. Use the power of Picross to stop the evil villain! Check out our Pixel Puzzle Makeout League review!

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[PlayStation 4] Onee Chanbara ORIGIN Review

November 6, 2020 |

Hack and Slash your way through bloody battles as you take on wave after wave of zombies and hideous monsters. Check out our Onee Chanbara ORIGIN review!

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