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Posts ByMrMitchGeorge | - Part 2 2020 Gaming In Review: MrMitchGeorge – Best Games This Year

December 23, 2020 |

Here we are for our third post celebrating the best games of 2020! If you missed our previous best games of the year, you can check them out right now!

2020 Gaming in Review – Ceidz
2020 Gaming in Review – ThaRaven403

Today we’re giving the spotlight to the Nintendo Switch and PS4 games we played this year. Please keep in mind that we didn’t play all of this year’s releases, but hopefully, this list is useful for you!

And once you’re done reading today’s article, we want to hear: which were your best games played this year? It doesn’t matter what console you played them on, we want to know!

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[PlayStation 5] Tesla Force Review

December 18, 2020 |

Does this Lovecraftian spin on the traditional twin-stick shooter stand out from the pack? Find out in our Tesla Force review!

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[PlayStation 4] Mars Horizon Review

December 18, 2020 |

Does Mars Horizon have what it takes to give us the space sim we need? Find out in our Mars Horizon review!

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[Beyond PlayStation] Linelight Review

December 17, 2020 |

Can Linelight be more than a one-dimensional experience and make the most of its chance in the spotlight? Find out in our Linelight review!

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[PS4] Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia Review

December 15, 2020 |

Does the legend hold true in this strategy/tactical RPG adventure? Find out in our Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia review?

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[PlayStation 4] Let’s Sing 2021 Review

November 19, 2020 |

Is Let’s Sing 2021 one to sing about from the high heavens? Or should you run so far away? Find out in our Let’s Sing 2021 review!

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