Shadow of the Ninja – Reborn Out Next Month

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NatsumeAtari, ININ Games, and Edigger are hard at wok on Shadow of the Ninja – Reborn, a new take on the 2D action classic, which will make its way to consoles on August 29. Come check it out!

“KAGE ~ Shadow of the Ninja” is a ninja-themed side-scrolling action game released by the Japanese game developer Natsume on August 10, 1990, for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). At that time, the game received high praise from players and the industry for its excellent controls, innovative hanging and climbing actions, well-designed levels, and adrenaline-pumping background music, especially in the action game genre and co-op gameplay. Now, after 33 years, this game, considered a classic by many players, is being remastered once again by the original team. Even though the average age of the team members is now 55, their passion for game development remains strong.

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Shadow of the Ninja – Reborn Features:

Exquisite Pixel Art and Refreshed Visuals

While maintaining the 16-bit retro art style, this remake utilizes new technologies to enhance the visuals with finer details and richer content. The two ninja protagonists, Hayate and Kaede, have been completely redesigned, and all the level scenes and enemies have been redrawn. It is believed that these carefully crafted characters and scenes will provide players with a visually stunning experience.

Diverse Combat Options with a Variety of Weapons and Ninja Tools

In addition to the usual weapons like ninja swords and chains for direct attacks, this remastered version adds new throwing ninja tools such as the gunpowder gun, cannonball, and shurikens for long-range assaults, as well as powerful weapons like the giant club and machete for close combat, and auxiliary tools like iron caltrops and healing rice balls. Players can make full use of these weapons and ninja tools to engage in battles.

Co-op Gameplay – Rediscover the Joy of Playing Together

As a brand-new remastered work based on “KAGE ~ Shadow of the Ninja,” this game continues the classic co-op mode. Of course, you can also choose to play solo with one of the two characters or team up with a friend to face the challenges and defeat formidable enemies.

Reviving Classic Melodies – Enhanced Music Experience

Regarding the music production, in addition to the contributions of “TENGO PROJECT’s” Hiroshi Iwatsuki, the renowned composer Iku Mizutani, who has created many excellent music tracks for “KAGE ~ Shadow of the Ninja” and various classic NES games, once again participates in creating the game’s music. The re-arranged classic melodies will be presented in a more modern way, providing players with a more immersive and adrenaline-pumping experience.

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