[PlayStation 5] Texas Chainsaw Massacre Pinball Review

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Are you ready for a horror-packed night as Leatherface? Then you should check out our Texas Chainsaw Massacre Pinball review!

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I previously got a chance to take Pinball M for a spin for our review. If you’re not familiar with this one, it’s Zen Studios pinball platform on PlayStation where they release some Rated M for Mature horror-themed tables that would otherwise not be able to fall under the more chill Pinball FX umbrella. Case in point: when I reviewed Pinball M, the tables I got to play were Chucky’s Killer Pinball, Dead by Daylight Pinball, Duke Nukem’s Big Shot Pinball, and The Thing Pinball. As you can see, those are certainly not Rated E for Everyone experiences!

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This time around, you’ll get to step into the shoes of classic horror killer Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre – that would be the 2022 film – as you aim at doing what you do best: slaughtering anyone foolish enough to walk up to the property. The story is set 50 years after the original film in the series – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – and it was released exclusively on Netflix. Yes, the movie was definitely not a big hit with the critics or fans, but at least we’re getting a gruesome pinball table out of it!

There’s a lot for you to do on this table. The skill shot is the first objective you can complete. Launch the ball onto the upper flipper and shoot the slaughter ramp to complete it. If, right after this, you shoot the chainsaw ramp, you’ll land a super skill shot for a hearty bonus. Speaking of which, you can start up the always handy chainsaw by shooting up its ramp at any given time. While the chainsaw is revved up, all scores will be multiplied. Shoot the ramp again, and you’ll keep it running while also increasing the multiplier. To play into the Texas Chainsaw Massacre theme, each mode will have something special for you.

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Each of the main modes will have a chase and a massacre phase. During the chase sequence, you’ll need to hit one lit object or lane before the timer runs out. Do that, and you’ll move to the massacre phase. When this happens, you’ll aim to score at least one massacre jackpot to complete the mode. Since you’ll be working on carving up some victims, the main modes – and Wizard Mode – are named after the individuals you’ll be attacking: Dante, Richter, Melody, and Sally for the main ones, and Lila and Melody for the Wizard Mode.

For Dante, you’ll start the mode by shooting the hook ramp. The chase will have you sneaking up on him by hitting the lanes on the playfield. For the massacre, you’ll have to hit the bloody head to maim his face with a clever for the jackpot. Richter is activated by hitting the bloody head. For the chase, you’ll be hitting the bloody head to win the fight. For the massacre, jump on the hook ramp to finish him off on the broken window. And yes, you can continue to hit the head as fast as possible for bonus points!

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Melody is started by shooting the spinner. The chase will require you to hit the kickout hole to be able to ambush her. Once that’s taken care of, rev up the chainsaw so that you can move in for the kill in style! Sally mode is started by shooting the slaughter ramp. During the chase, you’ll need to hit the flashing lanes to avoid Sally’s gunshots as you get closer and closer. Succeed, and you’ll get to take on the massacre segment by shooting the chainsaw to impale Sally. Rev up the chainsaw to boost your score! As for the Wizard Mode, hit the kickout hole after completing all other modes. During the chase, shoot the flashing lanes for jackpots with a massacre multiball. Once the multiball has started, shoot the chainsaw to decapitate Melody and rev it up some more for bonus jackpots.

And now, let’s talk about the trophies! Since Pinball M is a bit more niche of a pinball platform than Pinball FX – what with its focus on horror – that means there aren’t as many tables available for the service. The good news is that this makes it possible for Zen Studios to have not one, not two, but three trophies available for Texas Chainsaw Massacre Pinball! This trio of trophies is part of DLC Trophy Pack 6. The trophies to work on are Chainsaw Slayer, Bloodbath in the Bus, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The first one requires you to score a super skillshot. The second one asks you to start the Bloodbath in the Bus multiball. As for the last one, you’ll have to successfully complete the Wizard Mode.

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Pinball M offers a solid selection of Rated M for Mature tables with a healthy dose of horror for you to binge. For this new one, you’ll get to step into the shoes of classic horror killer Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre – the last movie in the franchise that launched on Netflix. Your task will be to get the blood flowing as you chase, attack, and massacre those foolish enough to step onto your turf. Texas Chainsaw Massacre Pinball is available for Pinball M at a $5.49 price tag.

This Texas Chainsaw Massacre Pinball review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Zen Studios.

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