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Shopping Clutter from Legacy Games, Mataboo, and JetDogs Studios is a cozy and chill series of puzzle games now available on PlayStation. Learn more about it in our Shopping Clutter review!

Shopping Clutter from Legacy Games, Mataboo, and JetDogs Studios is a cozy and chill series of puzzle games now available on PlayStation. The Shopping Clutter series follows the Walkers, a family of anthropomorphic characters from Animalville who like to enjoy life in peace and harmony as they experience new cities, areas, and locations. The different games in each collection – five per collection, to be precise – will have a story for you to follow as you take on the many, many puzzles available for you over the dozens of hours of content that you can enjoy.

Shopping Clutter Halloween Review

As you can see from the trailer above – as well as the screens in this Shopping Clutter review – this one will have you playing one of two different mini-games. You will either be finding items to match them so that they can be removed from the playing area, or you’ll have to work on completing images by sliding around or flipping square pieces until you’ve managed to unscramble the underlying image. Maybe you’ll have to slide around entire rows or columns. Maybe the items to match are scrambled together. Maybe they’ll be floating around inside of bubbles. Or maybe you’ll have to match one that’s moving over a conveyor belt with one buried inside a huge pile. Or perhaps you’ll have to flip cards to find pairs.

The control configuration is shared among all three collections, so here it goes: you’ll be moving a cursor around the screen with the left analog stick as you confirm your choice by pressing the X button. This includes matching two items to remove them from the screen or selecting tiles to move around to solve an image puzzle. You can use the L1 and R1 buttons to slow down or speed up the cursor’s movement as needed. You can also go into the settings menu and select the cursor sensitivity that best suits your experience.

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The games in the Shopping Clutter: Spring Blossom, Shopping Clutter: Halloween Mystery, and Shopping Clutter: Winter Break collections can be played in one of two different difficulty settings: Easy or Difficult. When playing on Easy, you can have a more peaceful and Zen-like time with each game in this trio of collections. Those of you with a bit more experience under your belt can go into this one with the Difficult setting enabled. If that’s your choice, then you’ll need to complete levels at a faster pace since you’ll be doing so under a time limit! The faster you are at completing each puzzle, the more points you’ll get for your efforts.

The content in Shopping Clutter: Spring Blossom is split into five different games: From Gloom to Bloom, Blooming Tale, The Best Playground, Happy Birthday, and Coffeehouse. This means that if you want to 100% this collection, you’re going to have to complete 800 puzzles! As for the stories you’ll follow when taking on the first collection on PlayStation, you’ll have to, for example, work on cleaning up Auntie Sheep’s flower shop, which is a bit of a mess right now. Take care of the leaves, find similar objects to remove them, and make the most of the flowers and decorative plants you find. Later on, you’ll be working on preparing for the birthday of one of the Walkers – the youngest one – so you’ll be taking on puzzles of a more festive nature.

Shopping Clutter Review  Spring - 1

For Shopping Clutter: Halloween Mystery, you’ll be working on solving a crime – little Hare’s bicycle has been stolen – so the whole family has decided to rent an office to open the Walkers’ Detective Agency. Oh, and they’ll also open up their own restaurant. And they will celebrate All Saints’ Eve in Animalville while Sloth dresses up as Hanibal Lecter. You know, the usual. In Shopping Clutter: Winter Break, the Walkers receive a very special gift for the season: five tickets for a Christmas cruise! They will also help Auntie Sheep – now Mrs Rat – kick away her funk since she feels bad for not being able to grow plants in her garden. Yes, Auntie Sheep did indeed marry Mr. Rat!

These collections also have some trophy lists for you to work on. Unfortunately, none of them offer a Platinum trophy. Each collection will have a trophy list with 5 Bronze trophies, a single Silver trophy, and 2 Gold trophies. The objectives for each collection are very straightforward since you’ll need to complete all games in each collection, complete all puzzles, and do all of this while playing in the Difficult setting. This won’t be a short trophy run, which is why it would have been better if each collection offered a Platinum trophy for you to add to your account.

Shopping Clutter Review  Spring - 2

Shopping Clutter is a cozy and chill series of puzzle games. You’ll be joining the Walkers as you follow their day-to-day doing regular things such as building playgrounds, preparing for someone’s birthday, investigating a mystery here and there, or enjoying the holidays, as one does. All games in each of these collections will have online leaderboards so that you can try to get your name at the top of the charts, which adds some extra replay value. Each of the Shopping Clutter games is available with a $13.99 price tag. There are also PlayStation 5 versions of each collection available for the same price as a separate purchase.

This Shopping Clutter review is based on PlayStation 4 copies provided by Legacy Games.

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