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Make Way from Secret Mode and Ice BEAM is a fast-paced, top-down multiplayer racer in which you build the track as you race. Learn more in our Make Way review!

Make Way from Secret Mode and Ice BEAM is a fast-paced, top-down multiplayer racer in which you build the track as you race. And yeah, it does feel as crazy as it sounds! You’ll be tasked with grabbing track pieces from a pick-n-mix menu as you snap them into place, all while making sure to avoid any hazards along the way, staying on the track as you unleash your mighty weapons. At first, you’ll be working together to craft a set path. But as the round carries on, you’ll need to think two steps ahead as you try to outwit and outrun your opponents.

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Take, for example, a boost pad. This is a very useful element that will give you an extra bit of speed so that you can try and break ahead of the group. But what if one is placed at a spot where it pretty much means any car that hits it will fly off the track? You probably see where this is going. Mix some power-ups here and some obstacles there, and you’ll be able to get the hang of things after a few rounds of trial and error. It’s a game that offers an interesting twist in a top-down racing experience.

The round begins when each player picks a track element to place. When it’s your turn to place a new piece on the track, you’ll need to speed up so that you can have a chance to place your option where you want it to land. Once you start to race, you’ll be steering your vehicle with the left analog stick or the D-Pad as you accelerate with the R2 button. If you grab a weapon, you’ll be able to use it with the Square button. Anyone who is left behind by the camera will be taken out of the race and respawn at the next checkpoint. Based on where you place on each segment, you’ll be given a set amount of points. Do you have what it takes to win each round and make it to the top?

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You can play in one of four different racing options: Race, Classic, Chaos, and Custom. Race is the classic racing setup in which you’ll be trying to make it to 1st place in each round so that you can be the first one to reach the score total needed to be crowned as the winner. Weapons and hazards will be turned off, and walls will be put on. If you play on Classic, you will be able to race with weapons and hazards on, and walls will be available on corners. Chaos is unlocked when you reach level 5. It will offer a more hectic experience since there will be weapons everywhere, hazards everywhere, and there will be no walls. As for Custom, it will allow you to customize your experience.

Based on your racing performance – and how active you are at contributing to the track building and overall variety – you’ll get to earn XP. Obtain enough, and you’ll level up. This will allow you to unlock additional track pieces to add them to subsequent tracks, as well as new vehicles. All vehicles will handle the same, so the only difference will be how each car looks when you drive down each of the tracks you help to generate. Pick the one that best matches you, and get ready to rumble!

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The game features a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy waiting for you to add it to your collection. And since it’s a Cross-Buy title, if you own a PlayStation 5 console, you can download the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions of the game, and each one will have its own trophy list. Each list includes 8 Bronze trophies, 13 Silver trophies, and 6 Gold trophies. What will you need to do for that Platinum trophy? You’ll have to drive for over 100 kilometers, travel over 100 kilometers in the air, win in every location, drive every vehicle, play 100 battles, hit 100 checkpoints, zap 50 opponents with a Tesla coil, hit an opponent with every trap, crash into a passing train, and drive over your own main, to name some examples.

Make Way is a fast-paced, top-down multiplayer racer in which you build the track as you race. At first, it does feel as weird as it sounds, but things will click after a few rounds of trial and error. Tacking track pieces and making the most of the twists and turns, loops, hazards, and power-ups makes for a fun gameplay experience. Make Way is available as a Cross-Buy title, so your $14.99 purchase will allow you to download both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions of the game at no extra cost.

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This Make Way review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Secret Mode.

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