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FoxyRush is a colorful 2D precision autorunner platformer from Ratalaika Games and BUG-Studio on PlayStation 5 with a Platinum trophy waiting for you. Check our FoxyRush review!

Foxy is a little fox who loves to eat cherries. One day, when he fell asleep, his supplies were stolen!
Now he has to go through many levels and collect all the cherries to get his supplies back. Embark on an exciting journey through dense jungles, air clouds, and lava caves!
To complete all the levels and get your berries back, Foxy will have to show his dexterity, speed, and ability to solve puzzles.

FoxyRush is a colorful 2D precision autorunner platformer from Ratalaika Games and BUG-Studio on PlayStation 5 with a Platinum trophy waiting for you. Foxy gets his garden fruits stolen and decides to go after them to get them back.

FoxyRush Review - 1

This game’s gameplay is quite simple: You “jump” once to set the character in motion, then Foxy will start running in the direction he’s looking. You can jump or double jump over obstacles. When Foxy hits a wall, he will change his direction, and you can jump again to set him in motion. Each level has 3 stars that can be facultatively collected, and you have to jump on the cherry to end the level.

The level design is fine and fits with the type of experience. You’re not likely to get all the stars in your first run of each level, but you can replay them from the chapter select if you’re looking to collect all of them – although it isn’t required to achieve the Platinum trophy. I noticed that the levels got better as I progressed in the game, with new fun elements being introduced. With that being said, since the game is an autoruner and your only interaction is jumping, the overall gameplay felt slow.

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The controls are crisp and every time my character died, I knew it was my fault and not due to a control issue. One of the things I liked is how when your character dies he respawn almost instantly which helped keep the momentum. On the presentation side, I liked the pixelated art style, and the soundtrack was good, and felt like it would have been at home on a 16-bit console.

Finally, and as mentioned, this game features a Platinum trophy that can be achieved in less than an hour. Since this release is Cross-Buy between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions, you can achieve two new Platinum trophies in a short period of time. You’ll need to obtain 18 stars (which is quite easy to do), buy a character from the main menu, and reach level 18. The other trophies are story-related and will unlock by the time you’ve reached the last level.

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As far as quick Platinum trophy games go, FoxyRush was quite fun and didn’t feel like a cash grab – like other easy Platinum games sometimes do. The game was fun, the levels were varied, and I genuinely had fun while playing this game twice for the Platinum trophies. FoxyRush is available as a Cross-Buy title, so your $4.99 purchase will allow you to download both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions of the game at no extra cost.

This FoxyRush review is based on a PlayStation copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

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