MARS 2120 On Its Way To Consoles

by EdEN, Owner

Sci-fi Metroidvania MARS 2120 from Qubyte Interactive will be landing on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch on August 1st. Come check it out!

MARS 2120 is a metroidvania with engaging melee combat with the use of special abilities tied to elements like ice, fire, and electricity. Help Sgt. Anna “Thirteen” Charlotte navigate the colony and battle her way through the secrets of Mars.

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MARS 2120 Features:

– Explore the Martian colony: discover new biomes, secrets, and numerous threats along the way.

– Face your enemies: perform combos by mixing melee and ranged attacks, as well as special moves.

– Use different equipment and abilities: find upgrades and new skills while exploring the Martian colony.

– Engage in epic battles: from deadly robots to colossal monsters, build your strategies, uncover their weaknesses, and survive!

– Play it your way: with various accessibility options, you can customize the game according to your style and needs.

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