Closer the Distance Lands On PS5 Next Month

by EdEN, Owner

Story-driven slice-of-life simulator Closer the Distance from Skybound Games and Osmotic Games is landing on PlayStation 5 on August 2nd. Come check it out!

Closer the Distance Review - 1

Closer the Distance is a deeply moving, slice-of-life sim that tells a story about the connections between family and friends in the face of tragedy. Following a fatal car accident, players take on the role of Angela, a young girl from the town of Yesterby, who finds herself watching over her loved ones as they navigate the grieving process. Using her ethereal ability to influence the townspeople she once knew, Angela’s choices will ultimately determine the fate of Yesterby.

Closer the Distance combines several key gameplay features for an immersive playthrough. The game’s compelling narrative is emotionally charged and highlights themes of empathy, community, friendship, grief, and closure. Choices-matter gameplay allows players to make decisions that affect the outcome of the story, making each playthrough unique. Closer the Distance offers something for everyone, and its emotional depth and engaging gameplay will leave players wanting more.

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