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Point and click adventure game sequel Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER from MidBoss and Chorus Worldwide is ready to go on PlayStation 5. Learn more in our Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER review!

Point and click adventure game sequel Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER from MidBoss and Chorus Worldwide is ready to go on PlayStation 5. I got a chance to do a double review with Ceidz for prequel 2064: Read Only Memories on PlayStation 4, so I was definitely looking forward to checking out this sequel. For this new adventure, you’ll be taking on the role of Luna Cruz de la Vega – known as ES88. She’s a young Esper employed by MINERVA. MINERVA is a powerful organization that specializes in information science, neurotechnology, and extrasensory phenomena. You know, the usual. You’ll be tasked with locating Golden Butterfly, a mysterious psychic entity that is hiding in the memories of the people of Neo-San Francisco… while fragmenting their memories!

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Once you get started, ES88 casually mentions that, unlike popular belief, the titular Neurodiver is not a computer but a fully organic lifeform. Your first task will then be to interact with the Neurodiver’s manual so that you can get the hang of things. Only then will there be sort of an issue. You see, the manual for the Neurodiver is, at best, a series of “this could, in theory, work” prompts. Memorizing it is key for your Neurodiver Certification Exam that will be taking place the following day since you need to pass in order to use the Neurodiver to try and locate Golden Butterfly and hopefully fix the havoc left on its path. At least you’ll be joined by your cyborg colleague, GATE, on this new adventure!

As was the case for 2064: Read Only Memories, the sequel Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER is fully voice-acted, which definitely helps to enhance the experience. As I have mentioned before, many point and click adventure games don’t feature voice acting, since it’s a very important but expensive element to have in a video game. Most of the time, since point and click adventure games – and visual novels – originate from Japan, if they do have voice acting, it’s in Japanese, which means you’ll be doing a lot of reading if you’re not familiar with the language.

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With the game being a point and click experience, the controls will be simple to understand. For most of your time with Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER, you’ll be controlling a cursor on the screen with the left analog stick as you interact with objects and other characters by pressing the X button. With the help of the Neurodiver, you’ll be able to boost your abilities so that you can search for clues and locate important items that will be added to your inventory. You can access your inventory by moving the cursor to the bottom corner of the screen and clicking on the corresponding icon, or you can press the Square button.

You’ll get to apply all of this during the intro story sequence, which will also act as the game’s tutorial. GATE brings over a friend while ES88 is going over the Neurodiver’s manual. His name is Crow, and he needs your help. You’ll need to find a way to unscramble a memory from 10 years ago he’s lost. After the Great War ended, he and some friends worked on a series of… we’ll, peculiar jobs. One of these had them retrieve some valuable information on a chip. After the job was completed, it seems Crow stole all the money they were paid… which, to him, feels rather odd. Not that he’s not the type of person that would do this, but it all just feels bizarre. Once you dive in, you’ll have to find a way to locate the fragmented memory so that Crow can finally understand what

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And now, it’s trophy time! The game has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy. The list that you’ll be working on includes a single Silver trophy and 11 Gold trophies. It’s difficult to discuss some of the trophies you need to unlock since doing so could spoil your experience… so I’ll only mention the general ones. There’s a trophy for completing the game’s tutorial intro segment. There are trophies for completing each of the chapters and for beating the game. As for the remaining handful of trophies on the list? You’ll need to play through the game to find out what they are!

Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER is the sequel to the beloved point and click adventure game that launched almost 9 years ago – on the OUYA, of all things! It expands on the setting and characters experienced in the prequel while setting out to give us its own take on the cyberpunk world you’ll get to explore alongside Esper ES88 and her cyborg companion, GATE. It’s a game that fans of 2064: Read Only Memories are going to get a kick out of, but this also means that it’s not going to be a game for everyone. If you’re up for it, Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER is out on PlayStation 5 with a $14.99 price tag.

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This Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Chorus Worldwide.

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