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The Foglands from Well Told Entertainment is an atmospheric story-driven first-person action roguelite on PS5. Learn more in our The Foglands review!

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The Foglands from Well Told Entertainment is an atmospheric story-driven first-person action roguelite on PS5. It’s set in a world that has certainly seen better days, with monsters lurking around every corner. This one was initially aimed at PlayStation VR2, but it’s now available as a PlayStation 5 game that offers optional support for Sony’s latest virtual reality headset. No, this is not a The Foglands review for the PlayStation VR2 side of the package. This is a The Foglands review for the PlayStation 5 version of the game played on, you know, a flatscreen.

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Many years ago, a mysterious toxic Fog rolled up, forcing humans to form strongholds underground in order to survive. People rely on Runners to rush into the Fog to scavenge for resources. As expected, it’s a gig that can kill you, which is there aren’t many Runners to take care of things. As expected, you’ll be taking on the role of one such Runner. Your name is Jim, and you’ve just been recruited. You don’t have much experience to begin with, so you’ll have to pretty much learn on the job if you want to survive.

You can play this one in two different difficulty settings: Normal Mode or Story Mode. Normal Mode offers you the standard experience, with enemies that will jump at the chance to tear you to pieces. Story Mode dials things back a bit, allowing you to enjoy the story’s progress. You’ll be dealing more damage to enemies and will receive less damage from enemies who manage to land a hit or two. As soon as you load up the game, and once the intro cutscene is over, you’ll be presented with a choice: do you go left to check out the tutorial? Or do you go right and step right into the elevator to the mines? I’d suggest you give the tutorial a go so that you can learn the basics.

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With this one being played from a first-person perspective, you’ll move around with the left analog stick as you look and aim by using the right one. Pressing in on the left analog stick will make you sprint ahead. Pressing in on the right analog stick will make you crouch. Pressing the X button will allow you to jump. You can grab an object by pressing the Square button. You can then throw said object with the R1 button. The Square button can also be used to activate levers, open containers, and interact as needed. The L1 button will be for your melee attack. Once you get a weapon, you can shoot it with the R2 button and press the Triangle button to reload.

You’ll soon meet your end after running into a giant worm that eats you alive… or so you thought. You’ll be helped by someone known as The Stranger, who will bring you back to life so that you can give this whole Runner thing another go. This is extra important since your friend Marion seems to have been taken away by the monsters! You’ll need to go back into the mine to try and save him. But before you start a new run, you should definitely pay Ursa a visit so that you can purchase a gun and at least have a chance of making it a bit further down the mine. While the Vulture revolver will be a freebie, you’ll need to use your hard-earned Scrap to buy other stuff.

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Scrap will act as the in-game currency that you’ll use to purchase additional weapons, such as the mighty wrench, as well as other tools, explosives, and even upgrades. Buying new stuff and getting upgrades is how you’ll help Jim have a shot at beating the monsters and bosses along the way. You can trade Scrap for an energy cell, a fuse, a lantern, a knife, a healing spay, a bottle, a grenade, an acid grenade, a cluster grenade, a trip mine, or an oil bottle. As for the upgrades, you can boost your overall health, melee attack power, and throw power. You can also upgrade the Vulture, as well as the other firearms you’ll unlock along the way. Oh, and for upgrades, you’ll need to collect Ichor.

As you play through The Foglands, you’ll be able to get your hands on valuable Runner Keys. You can use Runner Keys in the section behind Ursa’s Shop. While there, walk up to a locker to open it with a Runner Key. This will reward you with new Stranger Cards, which you can find and use during your next run to change things. Some examples include Hasteful, which will allow you to deal more damage, but you’ll take damage if you stop moving! You could also get Hindering, which boosts projectile damage by 15%. Or maybe you want to go for Welltrodden, which will lower acid damage by 50% and make you knock down and damage enemies by falling on top of them.

For trophy hunters, the bad news is that this release does not offer a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy, which does seem odd considering its asking price. The trophy list is split into 16 Bronze trophies, a single Silver trophy, and 5 Gold trophies for you to work on. The objectives include beginning your journey as a Runner, gathering 500 or more Scrap in a single run, accepting help from a mysterious stranger, meeting the Mine Man, meeting Leona, acquiring the harmonica, and beating the game. There are a handful of extra spoiler-y trophies for you to unlock, which is why I won’t be mentioning them here.

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The Foglands is an atmospheric story-driven first-person action roguelite set in a world that has certainly seen better days, with monsters lurking around every corner. As a Runner, you’ll be working on securing resources within the Fog as you try to make the most of your starting loadout, as you slowly make some more permanent progress to aid you during subsequent runs. You can play this one on PlayStation 5 or in VR Mode by using a PlayStation VR2 headset. There are some issues with the game. There’s a slowdown every now and then, and not of the good type that activates when you’re shooting at enemies. Textures sometimes also take a couple of seconds to load when moving between rooms, which is odd to see in a game on PlayStation 5. The Foglands is available with a $34.99 price tag.

This Foglands review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Well Told Entertainment.

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