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Roxy Raccoon’s Pinball Panic from eastasiasoft and Sinomod Studios will have you going up against an evil witch terrorizing the land. Check our Roxy’s Racoon’s Pinball Panic review!

Roxy Raccoon’s Pinball Panic from eastasiasoft and Sinomod Studios will have you going up against an evil witch terrorizing the land. You’ll be playing as the titular Roxy, who will be tasked with fighting against the evil Witch Donna, who has spread her dark magic all over the land. The game is based on 3D platformer Roxy Raccoon, which launched on Steam back in 2021. It’s now 2024, and we’ll be taking on a pinball adventure that condenses the aforementioned platformer’s story in a pinball setting with a minimalist art style.

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You can play this one in one of five different options: Story Mode, Score Attack, Time Attack, Survival, and Ryan’s Arcade. Story Mode is the main attraction. It will have Roxy as the ball and the Witch Donna as the announcer. Score Attack places 90 seconds on the clock, and you’ll have unlimited lives to get as high a score as possible within the time limit. Time Attack sets a target score for each table, and you will have unlimited lives to beat the score targets as fast as possible. Survival will have you going at it with a single life, but you’ll at least start with a 3 ball multiball. How many points can you get before losing all 3 balls?

Ryan’s Arcade offers a collection of mini-games for you to play: Pinchinko, Firing Frenzy, Rolling Romp, Precision Playfield, Whack-A-Rabbitt, Catch-A-Rabbit, Soccer Showdown, Scary Scorer, Barricade Barrage, Barrel Blast, Pirate Plunder, Gentle Japan, Dreary Desert, Universe Unknown, Hockey Hoedown, Missile Blocker, Odd One Out, Memory Matcher, Gem Gatherer, Joyful Gems, Raccoon Rally, Raccoon Roller, Brave Bouncer, Daring Dasher, Zig-Zag Zoom, Rough Rotations, Orbiting Oddity, Sputtering Spinner, Remarkable Runner, and Delightful Dodger. That’s a lot of mini-games!

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For each table, you’ll be collecting the gems scattered around. Collecting gems won’t boost the score, but you’ll be able to use them to unlock cosmetic items for Roxy. Tables will also have several Witch Trials for you to complete. These act as missions, and you’ll be rewarded with bonuses as you complete them. Said bonuses include a boost to your score, an increased score multiplier, reactivating the lifesaver feature, or even getting an extra life. You will also need to aim to beat the table’s high score.

With this one being a pinball game, you’ll be using the L1 and R1 buttons to control the flippers on the left and right sides of the table, respectively. Hit the ball with the flippers to send it flying through the pinball table so that you can hit targets and complete objectives as needed. To put the ball into play, press the X button to pull back the plunger to hit the ball. You can nudge the table by pressing the Square, Triangle, and Circle buttons to nudge it left, forward, or right. You can move the LCD by pressing left on the D-Pad. Pressing up will resize the LCD. Pressing right will move the camera.

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And now… it’s trophy time! Since this one is from estasiasoft, that means there are two things you can expect: the game being a Cross-Buy title, and it having a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy. Because of this, each version of the game will have its own trophy list for you to work on. Those lists will have 3 Bronze trophies, 3 Silver trophies, and 10 Gold trophies for you to work on. The objectives to complete for that shiny Platinum include collecting all the gems in 1, 6, and 12 pinball tables, spinning the same spinner 25 times in 1 session, failing a level in story mode, setting a high score in 1, 2, and 3 pinball tables, completing all witch trials in 1, 3, and 6 pinball tables, completing 3 and 5 raceways in a single session, using the brand new table camera for the first time, conquering Donna’s proving grounds, and catching the rabbitts on Magical Meadows.

Roxy Raccoon’s Pinball Panic will have you going up against the evil Witch Donna, who is terrorizing the land by spreading her dark magic all over the place. It’s a retelling of 3D platformer Roxy Raccoon, transposed to a pinball form with some fast-paced tables and a mini-games collection as a bonus. It’s menus could use some work since they’re hard to navigate as it’s not always clear what element you’re interacting with, and some pinball tables are more fun than others, but that’s to be expected when you’re aiming for having a wider variety and not just a handful of more refined tables. Roxy Raccoon’s Pinball Panic is available as a Cross-Buy title, so your $9.99 purchase will allow you to download both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions of the game at no extra cost.

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This Roxy Raccoon’s Pinball Panic review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by eastasiasoft.

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