[Nintendo Switch] The Fall of Elena Temple Review

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Minimalist old-school puzzle platformer The Fall of Elena Temple is now ready for you on Nintendo Switch. Come check out our The Fall of Elena Temple review!

Minimalist old-school puzzle platformer The Fall of Elena Temple is now ready for you on Nintendo Switch. The game was originally released by GrimTalin last year for the Playdate console. If you’re new to the Playdate, it’s a portable console with a black and white screen, a D-Pad, A and B buttons, and a crank. Yes, a crank. The console has some games included with your purchase, and you can purchase and download additional ones thanks to the console’s Wi-Fi capabilities. It’s now made its way to Nintendo’s console, and it’s a fun, bite-sized experience you should check out.

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The premise is simple and to the point. You’ll explore 20 rooms in an ancient temple as you collect a bunch of coins and try to avoid falling to your death. The twist? You can undo your falls! This was done on the Playdate by using the crank on the side of the console. On Nintendo Switch, it’s a button press away. You’ll have a limited number of undos, so you must plan accordingly. Did I mention that you will get to keep the coins you collect after you undo your fall? Yeah, that’s a thing.

You’ll control the titular character by using the left analog stick or the D-Pad as you move through each room at a slow but steady pace. You can jump by pressing the A button so that you can grab coins above Elena. To undo your fall, you’ll have to collect a special crystal. You’ll then be able to rewind your fall by pressing the B button. Later on, you’ll start to find hearts that add an extra hit to your character or a pair of boots to dash by pressing the X button.

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Since the portable console is shown on the screen over a pixelated background, it might be a good idea to change your view of the playing area. Pressing the ZL and ZR buttons will allow you to zoom in and out on the Grimboy portable console to get a better view of things. You can use the L and R buttons to change the background image shown behind the totally not a Playdate portable as you play.

Minimalist old-school puzzle platformer The Fall of Elena Temple is a fun one worth checking out on Nintendo Switch. After its original Playdate release in 2023, this bite-sized experience is ready to go on Nintendo’s console with a simple gameplay loop and easy-to-understand gameplay mechanics. And once you complete all 20 rooms, you’ll get to play 3 bonus rooms with new gameplay mechanics to try out! The Fall of Elena Temple is out on Nintendo Switch with a low price of only $2.99.

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This The Fall of Elena Temple review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by GrimTalin.

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