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Tactical roguelike RPG Dicefolk from LEAP Game Studio, Tiny Ghoul, and Good Sheppard Entertainment is one worth checking out. Learn more in our Dicefolk review!

Tactical roguelike RPG Dicefolk from LEAP Game Studio, Tiny Ghoul, and Good Sheppard Entertainment is one worth checking out on Nintendo Switch. You’ll be taking on the role of Alea, a young Dicefolk who learns she has the ability to befriend Chimeras. Alea will give it her all to fight against the corrupted Chimeras of the evil Salem before it’s too late. Although the mad sorcerer lies asleep deep in the heart of the Eborian peak, the damage done after taking control of most Chimeras can still be felt throughout the land. With most of humanity too weak to fight back against Salem, it’s up to Alea to use her powers to turn the tide once and for all.

The twist for this new adventure? You’ll be commanding the Chimeras on your side with the white dice at the bottom of the screen… and the Chimeras on the opposing team with the dark dice at the bottom of the screen! That’s right; you’ll be controlling all Chimeras in battle, which is certainly different from other roguelike RPGs and deck builders you’ve played before. Having control of everything while also having to roll dice to validate actions makes for an interesting and peculiar gameplay loop. You can also decide the order in which actions will take place, which is a crucial part of the Dicefolk gameplay loop. Having your leader add some guard before triggering an opponent’s attack can protect it. Switch around the current attacking enemy so that you can hopefully defeat it with your thorns.

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There are four different Talismans you can use to attract and eventually catch Chimeras: Warrior, Storm, Wrath, and Pain. At first, you’ll only have access to the Warrior Talisman and must unlock the others by completing the first world by using the Warrior Tasliman, and then work on completing the third world using the Storm Talisman and the Wrath Talisman. The Warrior Talisman can be used to attract Chimeras with great offensive capacities, which is why it makes sense as your starting option. You’ll be using this one for a while as you work on unlocking all additional Chimeras for its particular set. I suggest you stick to the Warrior Talisman until you can complete a full run so that you can make the most of the knowledge learned along the way and apply it to a new Talisman and its Chimeras.

With this one being a game of a roguelike nature, that means you’ll be taking on a series of runs as you make the most of what you learn along the way. You’ll improve your skills and learn from your mistakes as you obtain points based on your performance, which will be used to unlock more Chimeras for you to attract and capture during subsequent runs. It’s thanks to this that you’ll slowly but surely be making some progress toward your overall goal as you use each of the four different Talismans. You can play the game with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con or by using the console’s touchscreen when playing in Portable or Tabletop Mode or if playing on a Nintendo Switch Lite.

For each battle, you’ll be fighting against Salem’s Chimeras. You’ll have Chimeras of your own to summon into battle, and each one will have a unique ability made up of a trigger, which is followed by an effect. Chimeras facing each other on each side of the battlefield are the leaders of their respective teams. You’ll command Chimeras with the dice at the bottom of the screen. This is how you’ll have them wait, attack, bulk up, switch around, and more. As mentioned before, you’ll also control the opposing team, and the roll of the dice will help determine the outcome.

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During each run, you’ll be deciding what path you’ll take as you visit the different node types available to you. The most common one is the Battle node, which will have your group of Chimeras going up against another one. An Elite Battle node will have you fighting against a more powerful group of Chimera. If you go to a Chimera Shrine node, you’ll be able to recruit a new Chimera to your cause. You can recruit a Chimera right away or visit another Chimera Shrine and see which Chimera pops up from a statue. Do know that by recruiting a Chimera, you’ll be forced to replace one of the Chimera in your current group. When going to a Scrollmaster node, you’ll be able to use your hard-earned Gold to recruit a Chimera to your group, which might not be available at a Chimera Shrine.

A Chest node will reward you with an item for your cause. A Shop node will offer Tokens and items that you can purchase with Gold… as long as you have enough Gold coins AND an available storage spot. Equipment and Tokens have separate inventory slots, so you can hold a good number of items at once. Visit a Bonfire node, and you’ll be able to choose to rest to revive and heal all of your Chimeras, eat to slightly increase a random stat of every Chimera, or sew a pouch to increase the equipment slot total of the Chimera of your choice. There’s also the Dicesmith node, where you can spend Gold to buy items or to have him work on your dice to change some of their faces. Visit a Boss node to take on the big evil boss for that biome.

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Once you finish a battle, you’ll get to collect some loot. What items can you find after winning? You could add a Paper Shield, which will allow a Chimera to gain Guard on spawn, which will protect it from an opponent’s next attack. Maybe you’ll collect a Heal Token, a very useful item that can heal 50% of the target Chimera’s overall health. Or you could find a set of False Teeth! While that sounds a bit disgusting, do know that this item makes it so that a Chimera with Guard attacks the attacking Chimera once.

By visiting the extensive Compendium section, you’ll be able to review valuable information on Chimeras, Equipment, and Actions, as well as visit the Archive, where you can check out the documents you’ve found. You can also see the overall Stats for Dicefolk, which will let you know how many games you’ve played, how many games you’ve won, your best score and time, what your favorite Chimera is so far, as well as the progress you’ve made in collecting information for each of the previously mentioned segments of the Compendium.

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Tactical roguelike RPG Dicefolk is one worth checking out on Nintendo Switch. It takes the tried and true formula as you move from node to node making the most of your Chimeras, equipment, and Tokens… while controlling the action for not only your own Chimeras but also those on the opposing team! You’ll have to pay close attention to what each Chimera can do and then try to plan accordingly for the different dice rolls you can get on each turn. The order in which actions play out is also key since you can’t just use all of your team’s abilities and then use all of the opposing team’s abilities – or vice versa – or else you’ll run the risk of being destroyed due to your carelessness. Dicefolk is out today on Nintendo Switch with a $14.99 price tag.

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This Dicefilk review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Good Sheppard Entertainment.

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