FAIRY TAIL 2 On Its Way To Consoles

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RPG sequel FAIRY TAIL 2 from Koei Tecmo America will be landing on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch this Winter. Come check it out!

“FAIRY TAIL 2” is a new RPG based on the popular magical battle fantasy “FAIRY TAIL”, which has sold more than 72 million copies worldwide, with its manga and anime beloved around the world.

This sequel to the original “FAIRY TAIL” game, released in July 2020, depicts the “Alvarez Empire Arc,” the climax of the original work.

FAIRY TAIL 2 Features:

■ Relive the dramatic culmination of the original series through gameplay!

This RPG depicts the dramatic developments of the “Alvarez Empire Arc,” the climax of the original story. Playing as the main characters Natsu and Lucy and other members of the Fairy Tail Guild, players can relive the epic battles against their greatest enemy, Emperor Spriggan (Zeref) of the Alvarez Empire, his team of elites, the “Spriggan 12”, and the world destroyer Black Dragon Acnologia.

■ Flashy magic battles with unique characters!

The battle system has been completely redesigned from the previous game, implementing real-time battles that are even more flashy and impactful. In addition to being able to use more powerful magic by filling up the gauge when attacking, some characters can also activate “Mode Change”. Use these and other strategic elements to your advantage and feel the thrill of exhilarating battles!

■ Seamlessly explore the final battlefield of the Kingdom of Fiore!

The world of FAIRY TAIL is recreated with beautiful 3D graphics. Expressive character expressions and seamless field navigation, uninterrupted by load times, will allow you to feel immersed in the world of the original series as if you were exploring it yourself!

■An abundance of exclusive in-game content, including an original epilogue!

Explore a new all-original story, “Key to the Unknown,” set after the events of this arc and the original series. Plus, get to know new sides of your favorite characters in “Character Stories,” as well as tons of new interactions and moments that can only be seen in the game!

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