Whirlight – No Time To Trip Out Next Year

by EdEN, Owner

Point and click adventure game Whirlight – No Time To Trip from imaginarylab will be making its way to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch next year. Come check it out!

Hector is weird. His brilliance is matched only by his misfortune, and so his every creation turns out to be a failure. But just when his creative streak seems to have run out, his most amazing idea ever knocks on his door. To finish his new invention, Hector will have to explore the suggestive Verice Bay. However, right on the verge of achieving his goal, more trouble arises: what was supposed to be the solution to all his problems turns out to be a leap into the unknown. Fortunately this leads him to meeting Margaret, a strong and determined artist and a perfect travelling companion. Together they will embark on a series of adventures through space and time, amidst bizarre characters and unlikely situations, until they foil an imminent threat that looms over the entire world.

This epic journey takes place in a universe where humor, fantasy and time travel come together with breathtaking hand-drawn graphics. The game’s fun, cartoony atmosphere is reminiscent of classics like “Day of the Tentacle” and “Sam & Max Hit the Road,” immersing you in a feat of color, bizarre situations and hilarious dialogue.

A must-play experience for lovers of graphic adventures and for anyone who enjoys unique and unforgettable gaming experiences!

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Whirlight - No Time To Trip Review - 2

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