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Third-person action game Stellar Blade from Sony Interactive Entertainment and Shift Up is ready to rock you on PlayStation 5. Learn more about it in our Stellar Blade review!

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Third-person action game Stellar Blade from Sony Interactive Entertainment and Shift Up is ready to rock you on PlayStation 5. After being ravaged by evil, powerful creatures known as the Naytiba, Earth has been left behind, with humankind’s survivors fleeing to a Colony in space. It’s now time to claim back what’s rightfully ours. EVE has been sent to Earth to take care of the Naytiba one by one as she searches for valuable information about what has happened… and what is really going on.

This one is a fast-paced hack and slash in which you must use EVE’s might, weapons, and abilities to destroy the Naytiba before it’s too late. The game was originally teased back in 2019 and was revealed as a PlayStation 5 exclusive in 2021, with Sony Interactive Entertainment acting as the game’s publisher. While this action-packed third-person game was first slotted for a 2023 release, it ended up slipping into 2024, and here we are now. Was it worth the wait? It’s time to find out!

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You can take on this journey by playing through Stellar Blade in one of two options: Story Mode and Normal Mode. Story Mode is the easier of the two since enemies will be weaker, thus allowing you to focus on the game’s story for a more relaxed experience. Normal Mode is the standard difficulty setting, balanced to test your skills without feeling overwhelmed. You’ll need to learn how to parry as you pay attention to the movement and attack patterns of each of the different enemies and bosses you’ll run into during your time with this game.

You’ll control EVE with the left analog stick as you look around with the right analog stick. You can sprint by pressing in on the left analog stick and can lock onto an enemy by pressing in on the right one. The X button will be for jumping, while the Circle button will allow you to dodge incoming attacks. The Square button can be used for quick attacks. Strong attacks will be mapped to the Triangle button. The L1 button will be for guarding as well as for parrying when you time your button presses to hit right before an attack is about to land. The R2 button will be used for interacting.

By attacking enemies, you’ll be able to charge up Beta Energy. You can then consume Beta Energy to use a Betta Skill. You can do this by pressing the L1 button along with the Square, Triangle, Circle, or X button, depending on which one you want to use. Once you have the right weapon for it, you can go into ranged mode by pressing the L2 button and firing the selected ammo with the R2 button. Press the Touchpad on the DualSense to scan your surroundings. If you need to heal your wounds, you can use one of your potions by pressing up on the D-Pad. Items can be used by pressing down on the D-Pad.

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Be sure to keep an eye out for camps since they’ll play an important role in your adventure. You can sit down at chairs at camps to recover your HP and refill the Rechargeable Tumbler. Your stored items will also be retrieved if there’s space available. Do know that some enemies will be revived if you rest at a camp, so you’ll need to defeat them again to clear the way. The good news is that you can use the vending machine at a camp to buy some items, and you can also learn and train your skills by using the kiosk. You could buy a highly concentrated potion to quickly recover your lost health or a lingering potion that will help you recover your HP over a period of time. By spending your points at each of the different skill trees, you’ll get to unlock valuable boosts to your attack, survival, Beta Skills, and more.

Some camps are better than others. If you run into a supply camp, then you’ll be able to use the aforementioned amenities as well as additional machines such as the repair console. You can use the repair console to enhance weapons, increase the count for the Rechargeable Tumbler so that you can take more potions with you, as well as upgrade your Exospines. On top of all that, you can also upgrade your drone, craft Nano Suits, and fast travel to other camps by using the nearby – and extremely useful -telephone.

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By exploring every nook and cranny, you can find Gear. Gear is useful equipment you can equip to boost EVE’s combat capabilities. Gear can be equipped on the aptly named Gear Sockets. You won’t have all Gear Sockets unlocked right from the start, so you’ll need to collect Omnibolts to be able to unlock additional slots and equip more Gear. You could, for example, add the Combo Attack Enhancement Gear, which will boost the attack power of combo attacks that are level 2 or higher. Another option is the Combat Continuation Gear, which will grant an attack bonus after you defeat an enemy.

You can customize your experience with the game so that everything is displayed just right based on your setup. You can enable HDR rendering if you have an HDR-capable display and decide which one of the three Graphics Mode you’ll be taking for a spin: Prioritise Performance, Balanced, or Prioritise Resolution. Prioritise Performance will focus on giving you the best framerate possible. Prioritise Resolution will aim to give you the best resolution and graphical quality for your display. As expected, Balanced offers a middle ground that, well, balances things between the framerate and resolution.

Stellar Blade has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy waiting for you. Said list is split into 29 Bronze trophies, 12 Silver trophies, and 3 Gold trophies for you to work on. The objectives to complete include activating the first camp, collecting all cans, acquiring 30 Nano Suits, collecting 200 Dat Bank entries, catching 20 different fish, opening 200 boxes, enhancing 10 Exospines to their max, enhancing HP to its max, learning all skills, perfect dodging 200 enemy attacks, defeating 150 enemies with ranged attacks, as well as defeating each of the bosses in the game. Since there are some missable trophies in the mix, if you need some extra help, you can check out this Stellar Blade Trophy Guide.

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Third-person action game Stellar Blade is a solid PlayStation 5 exclusive worth checking out. After being delayed from its original 2023, it’s easy to see that the extra development time helped to make this a bigger and better experience. It makes great use of the DualSense’s haptic feedback feature, which is not something many PlayStation 5 games make a priority. It still falls a bit short of Astro’s Playroom, but, to be fair, no game has matched its performance since the console’s launch. Stellar Blade is out on PlayStation 5 with a $69.99 price tag. You can also get the Stellar Blade Digital Deluxe Edition for $79.99, which includes the following:

Stellar Blade full game

Stargazer Suit for EVE

Half-rim Glasses for EVE

Quadruple Rectangle Earrings for EVE

Stargazer Wear for Adam and Lily

Stargazer Pack for the Drone

2,000 SP EXP

5,000 Gold in-game currency

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This Stella Blade review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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