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Pirate adventure Sea of Thieves has now set its course to PlayStation 5. How did the journey go? Find out in our Sea of Thieves review!

Pirate adventure Sea of Thieves has now set its course to PlayStation 5. This one is from Rare – yes, THE Rare – and Xbox Game Studios, and no, it’s not the same case as Minecraft being a Microsoft property available on other consoles. That one was already out in the open before Microsoft bought Mojang. Sea of Thieves is presented under an entirely different scenario. Rumors started to make the rounds earlier this year about Xbox releases jumping ship to other consoles. Games started to speculate heavily on what this would mean.

Would Microsoft be releasing all of their games on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch? Would this be done on a game-by-game basis? Or would we basically be getting GamePass on PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch? Once the dust settled, we learned what games would be released on other consoles and in what order. Hi-Fi Rush was the first one to land on Sony’s console. This was followed by Pentiment a month later. Then we got Grounded – which we’ll be reviewing soon. And it’s now Sea of Thieves’ turn at the bat.

The game is an online experience, which means that before you buy Sea of Thieves on PlayStation 5, you should make sure you have a PlayStation Plus subscription – be that of the Essential, Extra, or Premium variety. This adventure will support online play for up to 24 players, and it also has Cross-Play, so you’ll be able to play with gamers from around the world on PlayStation 5 or other systems.

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Your first step on this journey will be to select your avatar from the procedurally generated options that the game throws at you. If you don’t like any of them, you can press the R2 button to have the game create a new set for you to choose from. Since the game is shown from a first-person perspective, you’ll control your character with the left analog stick as you look around with the right one. You can sprint by pressing in on the left analog stick. Press the X button to jump and the Square button to interact. The L1 button will open up the radial menu. From there, you can select items. You can, for example, eat a delicious banana to heal your wounds or press the X button to check quests. Switch weapons with the Triangle button and use them with the R2 button.

The game can be played in different ways depending on how you want to do things. There’s Safer Seas Mode, in which you can play through the game in, well, a safer way. This means you won’t be attacked by crews of other players, but you won’t be completely safe. There’s still danger in the seas since you can run into dangerous groups and creatures that can do a ton of damage. It’s an option that can help you get better acquainted with the game’s basics and the overall gameplay loop. Do know there will be a cap on your reputation, and there’s some content you won’t be able to access right away.

And then, there’s the High Seas Mode. This one is the larger experience to take on since you’ll be sharing a world with players from around the world, which means there’s always the risk of being attacked as you explore in search of valuable resources. Sure, you can form an alliance, but that doesn’t mean someone can’t stab you in the back. This is why it’s recommended that you first play in the Safer Seas Mode for a bit, or else you might end up being destroyed right away in High Seas Mode.

There are many things for you to do during your time with Sea of Thieves. Along with freely exploring everything around you, there’s also the option of taking on a variety of specific quests and even some narrative-driven journeys known as Tall Tales. The first one you’ll be taking on is Maiden Voyage, which serves as an introduction to the gameplay loop. After this, you can take on other adventures by finding the right starting location for each quest.

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A couple of sets of Tall Tales stand out from the rest. One of them includes a cross-over with Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. It’s known as A Pirate’s Life, and it will allow you to meet and interact with the beloved Jack Sparrow, as well as other characters from the series, such as Davy Jones and Mr. Gibbs. On top of that, there’s also a set of Tall Tales for a cross-over with The Tales of Monkey Island! For these, you’ll be tasked with finding Guybrush Treepwood, who is now MIA. Find and rescue Guybrush so that you can fight against the evil LeChuck!

You’ll be able to sail through the world of Sea of Thieves on different ships that will have different requirements to them. The ship types are sloop, brigantine, and galleon. The sloop is a smaller vessel that can be handled either by yourself or with a crew of two individuals. It’s very easy to maneuver a sloop, making tight turns and getting through tighter passages. It does not have a sturdy structure, so a cannon shot or two can put you in serious trouble. The brigantine is a medium-sized ship with a larger capacity over the sloop and is also sturdier. While it can technically be controlled by a single player, you could end up feeling like you have to rub your belly and pat your head at the same time in order to get the job done.

And then we have the galleon. It’s a large ship that packs a lot of firepower to defend itself when at sea, making it a good vessel with which to take the offensive as soon as possible. It’s built like a floating tank, so a cannonshot is not going to do much to bring it down. But since it’s a large ship, it’s going to need a larger crew to get the job done. If you dare to try and steer it on your own, you could quickly end up in trouble since you won’t be able to take the wheel, make repairs, and attack at the same time. To be able to make the most of the galleon, you’ll definitely need a crew by your side. As long as the wind blows strong, it can clear long distances in a blink, thanks to its large sets of sails. If it tries to sail against the wind, then it’s going to have a hard time.

To get the most bang for your buck, you’ll need to put a lot of time into working on completing quests for the different trading companies in Sea of Thieves. We have the Gold Hoarders who, as their name suggests, really, really love gold. You can bring locked treasure chests to any outpost to have them open them up for you, thus allowing you to receive a cut for your efforts. You can also bring them other special treasures and trinkets you might find along the way. Just be sure to pay attention to treasure maps so that you can find exactly where the treasure is buried! Another option is the Marchant Alliance, a group that is always ready to reward you for crates or gunpowder barrels you find. You might also need to complete some cargo runs that start to become more dangerous the further up you climb in their eyes.

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The representatives for the Order of the Souls will gladly send you on missions to hunt for cursed skeleton captains so that you can bring back their heads as proof of your mighty power. You will eventually end up fighting ghost ships that are easier to defeat than regular ships but can still prove to be a challenge due to their numbers. Another one is the Bilge Rats, a group that is a bit more lenient in its leadership structure but a bit more generous with their proposals. You can work on completing Commendations, which offer a list of objectives to work on here and there as you complete all other objectives in the game. If you manage to boost your reputation and make a proper name for yourself to become a Pirate Legend, you’ll have a chance to work on the quests provided by Athena’s Fortune.

And now, let’s talk about the trophies‚Ķ because there’s plenty to discuss about them! Are you ready? OK! Since this is a full retail release, that means you can work on adding a new Platinum trophy to your collection. In total, there are 253 trophies for you to work on. Yes, that number is correct. Allow me to elaborate. Since the game was first released in 2018, that means there’s been a ton of content released for it over the year. Launching on PlayStation 5, we are now in Season 12 of content. This is why the base set of trophies for the Platinum has 51 Bronze trophies, 6 Silver trophies, and a single Gold trophy. Along with that, there is an extra set called 2024 Launch Edition that includes 195 Bronze trophies.

For the base set of trophies, you need to complete the tutorials for the Gold Hoarders, Merchant Alliance, and Order of Souls, defeat a skeleton while it’s munching on a banana, have 20 treasure chests in your possession at the same time, earn 10 Commendations, boost your reputation with a trading company for the first time, vomit for the first time, buy an eye of reach and a blunderbuss from the weaponsmith, block a melee attack and damage an enemy¬†within the next five seconds, complete a voyage for the Gold Hoarders, another for the Merchant Alliance, and one for the Order of Souls, cooking a piece of food on a campfire at night, eating at least one piece of every kind of fruit, or placing 15 trinkets aboard a Captained ship at once.

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The trophy set for the 2024 Launch Edition list is an extra long one, so talking about every single trophy would take an equally long time, but I’ll mention some of them to give you an idea of what to do. For those 195 Bronze trophies, you can eat a banana, complete the Maiden Voyage starting tutorial in the game, deliver a luminescent fish, complete a bunch of Tall Tales, such as The Shoudbreaker, The Cursed Rogue, Stars of a Thief, and Wild Rose, obtaining all Commendations for each of the Tall Tales, reach level 75 with the Gold Hoarders, the Merchant Alliance, and the Order of Souls, find a treasure chest without using a map, stealing a map bundle from another crew, sell 500 legendary treasures, or own 15 ships, to name only a few examples.

Pirate adventure Sea of Thieves has landed on PlayStation 5 a little over six years after its original launch. Thanks to this, we’re getting a more refined experience when compared to its previous iterations, with some quality-of-life improvements that make it easier to jump into this solid seafaring adventure. Since we’re joining on Season 12, that means there’s a lot of content to dive into on PlayStation 5 – which makes it a very different scenario from when the game was originally released back in 2018. Sea of Thieves is out on PlayStation 5 with a $39.99 price tag. There’s also the Sea of Thieves Deluxe Edition for $59.99, which includes the following:

Sea of Thieves – full game

Exclusive Pre-Order Weapons & Pet

All Deluxe Edition content

Dark Warsmith Ship Set / Costume

Season 12 Plunder Pass

5-Days Early Access

Diabolical Dog Pet

Sea of Thieves Review - 5

This Sea of Thieves review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Xbox Games Studios.

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