[PlayStation 5] Pacific Rim Pinball Review

by EdEN, Owner

Are you ready for some action-packed pinball? Then come check out our Pacific Rim Pinball review!

I love pinball, so I’m always ready to check out the latest pinball tables and pinball packs from Zen Studios for Pinball FX. We’ll have several pinball reviews for you over the next handful of weeks, and it’s now time to start with Pacific Rim Pinball! This one is based on the 2013 film of the same name from director Guillermo del Toro. In the movie, huge monsters known as Kaiju start to enter our world from an interdimensional portal. This portal – the Breach – is located at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Because of this, humans start to build massive mecha called Jaegers to try and take on the monsters. Jaegers are piloted by two or more people who are connected by mental link thanks to a process known as Drifting.

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The objectives you’ll be working on as you play Pacific Rim Pinball include shooting the Handshake Lane twice to help Raleigh and Mako make the neural connection for piloting the Jaeger. You’ll also be battling against Leatherback and Otachi in another of the modes, so you better make every shot count! You will also be searching for the Kaijus’ secrets as you try to find a way to close the Breach before things really get out of hand. Once you’re ready to go after the Breach, you’ll have to follow the General’s plan as you navigate through the deep waters and avoid incoming attacks. To succeed, you’ll need to start the Wizard Mode to try and overload the Gipsy Danger’s reactor and destroy the Breach once and for all.

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Unlike some of the previous pinball tables and pinball packs released for Pinball FX, Pacific Rim Pinball is part of the Additional Tables #3 DLC trophy list. That means there’s one trophy in there tied to this new pinball table. The trophy is called True Neural, and you will be required to make 100 Synchronous Shots on the Pacific Rim Pinball table. You can check which tables provide additional trophies to your collection by looking for the trophy icon on your table collection.

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Pacific Rim Pinball is an action-packed take on the movie of the same name. As you establish a mental link between Raleigh and Mako, fight against Kaijus Leatherback and Otachi, and try to find a way to close the Breach before it’s too late. Pacific Rim Pinball is available for Pinball FX at a $5.49 price tag. There’s also the option of taking this table for a spin as part of the Pinball FX Pinball Pass, either with a 30-day monthly pass for 150 Pinball Coins – which retails for $14.99 – or with a one-year pass for 1,200 Pinball Coins – which retails for $99.99. The Pinball Pass will also give you access to dozens of other tables, so if you’re a pinball fan, it’s certainly great value.

This Pacific Rim Pinball review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Zen Studios.

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