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Class of Heroes: Anniversary Edition from PQube, Acquire, and Zero Div celebrates a dungeon-crawling classic now on PS5. Learn more in our Class of Heroes: Anniversary Edition review!

Class of Heroes: Anniversary Edition from PQube, Acquire, and Zero Div is a celebration of a dungeon-crawling classic now on PlayStation 5. The first game in the Class of Heroes franchise was originally released on the PlayStation Portable – a.k.a. the PSP – back in 2008 by Acquire in Japan and in 2009 by Atlus in North America. It’s now 2024, and we’re getting a remastered version of Class of Heroes – and its sequel, which we’ll soon review – on PlayStation 5.

You’ll be enrolling at Particus Academy, a young school built not that long ago. The school‘s goal
Is to form dozens of mighty heroes so that they can be seen in the same way as the prestigious Rantslate Institute and the Mashlenia College. You must complete the Enrollment Process and form a party at the Office or Dorms so that you can take on hundreds of deadly enemies as you study hard to become the best hero ever!

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Once you begin your adventure, you’ll be greeted by Yuno, the homeroom teacher, who will accompany you to the Gymnasium for the entrance ceremony. Feynman, the school’s principal, will welcome the whole group. It’s been decades since the Patha appeared and changed the world in a blink. Hundreds of adventurers have traveled the Paths and entered the Labyrinths, and it’s now going to be the turn of a new generation. You’ll have to study hard and give it your all if you are to survive!

For the Enrollment process, you’ll choose each character’s name, gender, race, alignment, and course. Your options for race are Human, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Khulaz, Fairy, Felpurr, Bahamoon, Diabolos, and Celestia. Alignment can be Neutral, Good, or Evil. As for the course, you’ll be able to distribute bonus points to boost each character’s stats and see if it will become a Fighter, Mage, Priest, Thief, Bishop, Summoner, Ranger, Alchemist, Psionic, Monk, Samurai, Valkyrie, Lord, Kunoichi, or Ninja.

Labyrinths are very dangerous because they have been imbued with ancient magic that makes them constantly shift. This means that whenever a party enters, they will face a completely different layout. You can visit the Dorms to restore your characters’ magic uses, HP, as well as to place items into storage. The Campus Store allows you to buy items, identify the stuff you find while exploring, and remove curses from items. The Laboratory is a useful facility where you can use alchemy to synthesize new items, dismantle items to obtain their materials, or upgrade items to improve them.

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By visiting the Infirmary, you’ll get to treat conditions such as… your death! And if you donate to the Infirmary, you’ll be rewarded with experience points to level up. At the Library, you can review the bulletin board to check out the available quests and take on them. Requests are quests that you can take on the side to obtain rewards. Tasks are more important since they’re tied to the game’s main story and must be completed to progress further. At the Library, you can also review the yearbook, which collects all records, maps, catalog, and items.

When you enter a dungeon, you’ll explore from a first-person perspective as you move over a grid-based location. By defeating enemies, your party members will obtain experience points and eventually level up. When this happens, they might receive a boost to their HP or to their STR, WIS, FTH, AGI, VIT, and LUC stats. Leveling up is a must since it will allow them to take on what each dungeon throws at them and then some. You’ll need to pay attention and decide what actions to take. You need to know when to take a step back and defend and when you should try and make a run for it before your party is wiped out.

Trophy-wise, this one has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy waiting for you. It won’t be a short journey, and you’ll have to unlock 13 Silver trophies and 7 Gold trophies. The objectives to complete include defeating 500 humanoids, 500 undead, 500 ghosts, 500 beasts, 500 reptiles, 500 plantoids, 500 dragons, 500 insects, 500 giants, 500 spirits, 500 magic beings, 500 divinities, and 500 demons, enrolling a student with at least 30 bonus points to assign, dispatch more than 30 students, hold over 1,000,000 gold, and getting a student to level 80.

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There’s a Graphic Gallery section featuring dozens of entries for you to check out. You’ll be able to review key art, promo illustrations, short comics, and even a couple of pages with tips to aid you as you – hopefully – dungeon crawl your way to victory. This includes content from all games in the Class of Heroes series. There’s also a Music Gallery where you can listen to not only all of the game’s songs but also songs from Class of Heroes 2, as well as from Class of Heroes 3, which, as expected, has a ton of songs to contribute l, thanks to its PlayStation 3 origins.

Class of Heroes: Anniversary Edition from PQube, Acquire, and Zero Div is a celebration of a dungeon-crawling classic, now ready for you on Sony’s console. We’re getting a remaster 15+ years after its original release, and that means the game’s look has been bumped to full HD territory while also adding a pair of galleries with bonus content. Class of Heroes: Anniversary Edition is available on PlayStation 5 with a $19.99 price tag.

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This Class of Heroes: Anniversary Edition review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by PQube.

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