[Nintendo Switch] Tales from Candleforth Review

by EdEN, Owner

Folk horror point and click adventure game Tales from Candleforth from Feardemic and Under the Bed Games is ready to go on Switch. Check out our Tales from Candleforth review!

Folk horror point and click adventure game Tales from Candleforth from Feardemic and Under the Bed Games is ready to go on Switch. You’ll be taking on a magical journey that will have you exploring a fairy tale-style story that has been written in the titular book. It’s a forbidden compendium that presents a different story for each person who reads it, so who knows what its pages will present to you. It’s a creepy journey that is not going to be for everyone due to its premise and some of the creepier elements you’ll run into.

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You will get to learn the basics during the introductory sequence that pops up right after the game loads up. You’ll be in a dark room with a flickering light, which will immediately grab your attention. You can use the left analog to move the on-screen. By interacting with the lamp, you’ll light up the room. It’s then that a book falls to the floor. Grab it and put it back in its place, and the bookshelf will make a loud “click” noise, thus signaling to you that it can be moved out of the way. This will reveal a staircase that leads to a rather peculiar individual with a pumpkin for a head.

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Once that’s been taken care of, you’ll be playing as an elderly woman trying to escape from… something. While you’ll solve some puzzles to try and escape from this entity, it will all be too little too late. It’s then that you’re introduced to Sarah. Sarah is a 16-year-old girl who is left in charge of running the family’s apothecary. She’s the granddaughter of the aforementioned old lady. After finding out that her grandmother might be alive, she realizes that she’s inherited some special powers that only the women in her family gain access to. It’s thanks to these powers that Sarah might have a chance of finding out what really happened to her grandmother… for better or worse.

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Tales from Candleforth brings us a folk horror point and click adventure game in which you’ll jump into a mysterious magical book with a story about a girl trying to find her lost grandmother. It seems she’s been taken away by an evil creature, and you must help Sarah use her family’s special powers to solve the different puzzles keeping her from finding out the truth about this whole predicament. Tales from Candleforth is out on Nintendo Switch with a $11.99 price tag.

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This Tales from Candleforth review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Feardemic.

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