Crow Country Lands Next Week On PS5

by EdEN, Owner

Survival horror experience Crow Country from SFB Games will be landing on PlayStation 5 next week on May 9. Come check it out!

A Survival Horror adventure featuring: A rich atmosphere. A strong, tangible sense of place. A small but memorable cast of characters. Meaningful exploration. Engaging puzzles. And most of all – a beautiful, uncanny blend of tension and tranquillity.

The year is 1990. Edward Crow has disappeared. The owner of ‘Crow Country’ (a small theme park in the rural outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia), he has not been seen since he unexpectedly shut down his park two years ago. The silence is broken when a mysterious young woman named Mara Forest ventures into the heart of the abandoned theme park in order to find him.

• Why did Crow really shut down his park?
• Are the disturbing rumours about Crow Country true?
• Who, exactly, is Mara Forest?

Crow Country’s story explores reckless human greed and the idea of an unforgivable sin.

Features an ‘Exploration Mode’, for those who wish to enjoy the game without being attacked.

Crow Country Review - 1

Crow Country Review - 2

Crow Country Review - 3

Crow Country Review - 4

Crow Country Review - 5

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